Things I Learned at My First Day of School

  1. Holding your books and riding a bike at the same time is not a good idea. Next time, please bring a bag that's large enough to hold books since sacrificing practicality to fashion is not always very smart.
  2. There is a difference biking to school when you live south of campus as opposed to north of campus (where I've always lived). Now, riding to school is uphill and sweat-inducing. Riding home from school is carefree and exciting. Except for when you're carrying the books that you refused to carry in a bag because you wanted to use your cool new bag that matches your outfit and you're going downhill at very fast speeds and you think that also maybe your butt crack is showing and people behind you are laughing.
  3. The same really weird and annoying people are still studying English with you.
  4. You've forgotten everything you ever learned in French 321 and you will have to really review that stuff if you hope to pass this new class.
  5. Canada is not outside of the United States.


ambrosia ananas said...

Hahahaha. "The same weird and annoying people. . . ." Yeah. I remember those people.

daltongirl said...

I suggest a basket on your bike--one big enough to hold all your books. That way you could decorate it each day with a ribbon or something that coordinated with your outfit and not have to sacrifice anything. Because why should you sacrifice, really?

Nemesis said...

You really shouldn't write words like "buttcrack" when I'm working. I have a professional image to maintain here.

Coop said...

Haha, yeah. People's buttcracks showing is funny. Almost as funny as confusing Canada with the U.S. Neither is as funny as the French language though.