A Realtor in Maryland or Anywhere Else

And as long as I'm blogging about real estate and realtors today, I would like to let you know that my dad is a realtor in Maryland. He has helped a few of my friends in Maryland find the right homes, and he'd love to help you, too.

My dad has also been a realtor for decades and his professionalism is unparalleled. Also, he is a no-nonsense sort of guy who will negotiate the best deal for you. You ought to see him in action when someone tries to pull something they shouldn't! At the same time as being no-nonsense, he's fun and funny and personable. Also, he speaks Spanish! And my mom, his assistant, can sign!

If you're not looking for a home in Maryland, my dad belongs to a network of realtors who he can recommend to you. Instead of blindly trying to find a realtor, get in touch with my dad and he'll do the work for you, finding the right realtors in an area, and finding someone he can personally vouch for. And by the way, his doing all that leg work for you costs you nothing.

My dad also has a real estate blog where he talks about current trends in the market and gives lots of helpful advice in home buying or selling, valid no matter where you live!

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