Sour Cream

Remember that first day of school outfit that I was going to take a picture of? Well, something happened before I could get that picture.

Ambrosia and I have decided to start bringing lunches for each other throughout the week again. Today was her turn---she brought chips and refried beans and salsa, but didn't have any cheese or sour cream. I did, however, have both sour cream and cheese in my fridge, so I put some cheese into a tupperware container and some sour cream into a tupperware container and went to work. At work, lunch was delicious. There was more than enough cheese and more than enough (non-fat) sour cream.

Today my horoscope told me to remember the laws of karma---I reap what I sow. Well, after work, I called my mom and talked to her all the way home---including the bus ride, which was very, very rude of me. As punishment, at one point, I reached into my bag (you know---that new one that complemented my ensemble so well that I chose to carry my books instead of putting them in my bag?) and felt something cold and wet. I pulled my hand out, and it had some white goop on it. I thought maybe my lotion had exploded in my bag. So I smelled it. It didn't smell minty, like my lotion. I rubbed it into my hands anyway. I put my hand back into my bag to assess the damage. It got covered in the stuff and I realized it was the sour cream.

I got home and dug deep into the bag to find my keys. They were so covered in the goop that I didn't dare use the key to open my front door. Instead, I banged on The Boy's window so that he would wake up (he works graveyard shift) and come open the door. What a mess.


Nemesis said...

Oh no, that pretty green bag? I'm so sorry!

Tolkien Boy said...

The cream is never so sour as when it's exploded on your handbag. I think Aristotle said that.

Thanks for the cookies. They were sorely needed.

Coop said...

Cookies? Who had cookies? All this talk of cookies and sour cream has made me hungry.

daltongirl said...

Do you know that your low-fat sour cream is LOADED with monosodium glutamate? It's better off in your bag, Cicada.

And my family laughed hysterically about the part where you rubbed it into your hands like lotion. That is definitely something I would do. I bet you absorb msg through your skin though, poor thing.

Coop, you are invited to come with Cicada next time she drives the twenty-five miles to my house in BFE to eat cookie dough and pure, unadulterated sour cream--all msg free. The drive might kill you, but the food won't.

Cicada said...

Coop---I have no car. Mind driving me the 25 miles to A.F. so that I can eat cookie dough and sour cream?

daltongirl said...

Yay, I'm getting visitors! Pay no attention to the State Developmental Center signs in the front yard or the guard at the gate who will ask for your I.D.s. I mean, show your I.D.s, but don't get worried or anything.

You can eat the sour cream plain, it's so good.

Coop said...

For cookies with sour cream on them I will drive across the country. Even with Cicada.

daltongirl said...

I wasn't actually planning to put the sour cream ON the cookies, but that could be arranged.

This sour cream thing reminds me of a story (what doesn't?). I started making my own yogurt (msg free, of course) and one day I got an anonymous note slipped under my bedroom door.

"Mom, This yogert tastes like saur cream.
P.S. I don't lik saur cream."

Daltonboy was happy. It's the best yogurt he's ever tasted, and he hates to share.