Quote of the Day

When asked why IS bought nine jump knives for the full time employees:

"We need them."


Th. said...


What's a jump knife?

Cicada said...

You're going to have to read all the posts for today, Th.

Master Fob said...

Not to laugh at your pain, but it was quite amusing to read today's posts backwards. Especially when I got to the part where you thought you were cool. Hee hee.

Tell me, is it better to have been cool and fallen or never to have been cool at all?

daltongirl said...

And they can't purchase a roll of double-stick tape, because the auditors might question the unnecessary expenditure.

Hmmmm. I'm just thinking right now. To myself. About how much sense that does, or does not make.

And it's a "drife," I think. I named it that, and only cool people will know what it is. At least you have that, Cicada. Just don't go sharing it with everyone, or then you'll lose your coolness again. Lesson learned, I hope.

Stupidramblings said...


I regret having to read this string of posts so late. I, not being very cool at all, do not have my internet on all day. Plus, I'm always gone so I have to live vicariously through you all--just a day later.

My last week consisted of driving and talking and not being connected to anything important. Then, in the evenings, I was fated to do more driving and talking.

Truly, I would rather have been researching jump knives on the internet.

Coop said...

Much like they "need" us to all sit so ridiculously close together or they "need" us to ring a cowbell every time we pee? I "need" a new job.