Things I Want

Here is a list of things I want, not because my birthday is coming soon, but because I'm materialistic.

*Louise Attaque, the first album
*the 50s retro chair in the video editing room
*pillows to put in my living room (I already have everything I need to make them---I just need a sewing machine)
*a sewing machine
*a new, 20" iMac (with the Adobe suite, please)
*cable, or direct TV
*a TV that works better (I watched two epidodes of 24 on my television. I watched two episodes of 24 on my laptop. There was a whole lot more going on during that show that I didn't pick up when I watched it on my TV because my TV obviously doesn't handle dark scenes very well)
*ice cream from Coldstone Creamery
*a cool stereo
*a better mattress for my futon in the living room
*windows that open in the living room, or a screen door
*a painted bedroom
*a planted garden
*a boyfriend

This list, though not exhaustive, is a good representation of what I want. You'll notice that I didn't even say "a car." I didn't say that because I am not a greedy person.


Toasteroven said...

I am free. Free as a birddddd. My phone is on my blog. My email is Sweetness.

Toasteroven said...

Oh, and good luck with all that...stuff. You are amazingly consistent with this thing. Maybe your blog will be published in a book one day o_0

Tolkien Boy said...

*I* would read it.

Coldstone ice cream....mmmm...

Miss Hass said...

I see you've been spammed! See how popular you are?

Also, I hope your birthday's fantastic and that you get the Mac. How beautiful are those babies???

daltongirl said...

Are you sure you don't want a car? Because you can have my van for free. If it sits out in front of my house any longer, the tires are going to go flat--and those are about the only thing going right for that vehicle. But it would still be a free car. Except for the part where it would cost $3000 to be able to safely drive it. Still, the offer stands.