Face Lift

Notice anything different? It only took hours and hours of work. Also, check this out:

  • I
  • made
  • my
  • own
  • bullets.

Sometimes stuff like this can be really cool. By "sometimes," I mean, "when you can get it to work."

So today I'm not feeling well. It's good because really, what better day is there to be sick than General Conference day? You've already planned to spend the day watching TV anyway, so it works out perfectly. Well, except for the fact that I couldn't hear the speakers because I was moaning so loudly and calling for someone to please come and kill me.

Also, I got cable today. I feel like I've been passively productive today, as if getting cable were some personal accomplishment---something I did. Instead, I just sat here and offered the cable guy some water. Then I told him that the cable was probably coming in fuzzy because our cord sucked. Then I thanked him for giving us a new cord (which resulted in my signing beside the line where it said that the cable person came within the planned time window, which he didn't, but he gave us a new cord). I really can't complain. Then, when he was leaving and he said he liked the way my candle smelled, I pointed out that I tried to choose a manly scent since I share the place with my brother.

Currently, I'm listening to my ex-boyfriend's CDs. My mom sent them to me in a package. Thanks, Mom. I had actually been ignoring them in the hopes that someone would throw them out. Now please let me go back to moaning: SOMEBODY PLEASE KILL ME!


Miss Hass said...

Oh, sweetie, I hope you feel better soon. Cable always puts me in a good mood. So hopefully that helps! Maybe you caught what I had. Does that mean I should read your blog?

Cicada said...

Does what you have come on a regular basis, too? I swear! It seems that just about every month since I was eleven, I get all sick and stuff. Have you ever heard of anything like it??

daltongirl said...

Once again, we are as one. I spent the day being inspired by the conference talks, and then turning around and yelling at everyone in my family.

I'm telling you, and I hope you'll listen to me this time, that two Aleve twice a day for a few days beforehand really makes a difference. I don't have any desire to die any more. I just want to kill everyone else. (Oh, how I long for the days before Bextra was outlawed by the stupid FDA.)

Love your new look, btw. Well done.

Nemesis said...

I must relinquish the title to you.

You are now HTML's daddy.

Wear it well.

Master Fob said...

I dig the new look. Very cool. I also dig that I'm on your link list. I think I'll go put you on mine right now.

Cicada said...

Master Fob,

It was a difficult decision. I usually don't add people till they have added me, but when I looked at your wife's and realized that I was only one of four people, I knew I absolutely had to add her, and then I thought that it would just be insulting if I didn't add you, too. So you made me break my official policy... I'm glad that you're adding me now, though. Makes me feel all warm inside.

Master Fob said...

Let it be known that Cicada's rule was not in a broken state for very long. :)

Oh, and I forgot to say that I'm impressed by your homemade bullets. I am.

Coop said...

Cicada, I am wiping a tear now at the fruits of all of your HTML labors. This is truly a momentus day. Now, when you have time, e-mail me and give me a few pointers? I hate having a skin that looks like everyone else's blog. Thanks!

JB said...

Hey, way to be original. I'd be surprised if you weren't good at that in general, though. You sound really cool. And your web page looks great!

Savvymom said...

when you first said "I made my own bullets" and I saw at the bottom of the screen "SOMEBODY PLEASE KILL ME" I really got concerned. But after I read your whole post things made more sense.

Th. said...


Looks nice.

And re: your rule--if everyone had that rule, no one would link to anyone.

What kind of a world would that be?

Th. said...


Oh! And not to boast, but didn't you add me before I added you?

Cicada said...


I took pity on you. If I recall, I was the first person to comment on your blog, and I saw all your entries with no comments and I felt very sad.

And yes. Your logic is correct. But my logic is that of the non-voter. If one person doesn't vote, it doesn't make any difference. If everyone adopts that philosophy, we're screwed.

Th. said...


I appreciate the pity.

(ps: and look how popular I am now!)

Savvymom said...

Adam Sandler wrote a song about wanting to die. Maybe you should go listen to it.