Got Soul But I'm Not a Soldier

The Swiss Army officially owes me freaking royalties. The office manager just came back from the bookstore with a garbage bag-full (I kid you not---a garbage bag-full!) of jump knives and mp3 players. I was cool for a moment. Now I just blend right into the crowd.

In other news, I also got a response to my misdirected email, and she CC-ed someone else. Why? Why was that at all necessary?? She said:

I don’t think the intent is “fun” but rather an effort to know English major students better and to allow you the opportunity to know a faculty member more personally as has been the goal of the University—that each student leaves BYU having had at least one faculty friend during his college experience.

So my response that I'm not sending her is, "If I have many faculty friends, may I please be exempt? Oh, and also, how is it even possible for an English student not to make a faculty friend?" My response that I will send her hasn't been written yet. I'll update you when I write a good enough apology and send her flowers.

How? How did this day turn so bad when it promised to be so good?

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Coop said...

Garbage bag? Did you see where Administrator stashed this bag? I "need" one.