Oh, brother! Cancel my weekend plans!

For several weekends in a row now, I've had no plans. Don't get me wrong. I actually love life a lot more when I have nothing planned for the weekend. It's wonderful and I'd never complain about it. But this weekend was going to be different. Yes, I'm still sitting at my desk, blogging at 10:00 p.m. on a Friday night.

The point is that I got a phone call that changed everything. Tomorrow at 3:00, I was supposed to meet with an old friend of mine who I haven't seen for about three or four years (remind me and one day I'll post the story of her incredible wedding). Sunday, I had finally made plans to get together with several sisters from my mission who I've been telling for months, "We have to get together sometime." We were going to eat crepes.

But like I said, a phone call changed all of that. Brother 3 is the kind of person you drop everything for. For the last year and a half, he's been traveling all over the United States, installing anthrax detectors in the post offices. Yes, you can see by the picture that he actually looks like the terrorists that he's supposed to be protecting us from, and yes, he gets pulled over for extra inspection every time he goes to the airport (which, with his job, is once a week). Last year in about October, Brother 3 was in Los Angelos. He found out how cheap tickets to Utah were, so he called us one day and arrived the next. In February, he was in Las Vegas, so we packed up the family (five full-sized adults in a five-passenger vehicle) and went to Vegas for the weekend. We're a close family, so any chance we get to all be together is basically blissful (and by blissful, of course, I mean that it includes such events as burning the hair on Brother 3's back with a creme brulee torch, kicking fire ants on each other, and other such sibling bonding events).

Brother 3 is currently in Pocatello. We had no idea. He called at 9:00 tonight to let us know that he'll be in Salt Lake by about 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. Of course, Brothers 1 and 2 are biking a century tomorrow, so once they finish that, then we can all get together for some good family fun. Anyone have a creme brulee torch I can borrow?


Limon said...

I have to admit I feel kind of lame-o when I don't have weekend plans, but I agree that my life is way more peaceful when I can relax the whole weekend.
Except when I have two tests to study for. Then weekends are a hassled continuation of the week.
And no, of course I don't have creme brulee torch. I don't even really know what creme brulee is. Try putting some alcohol in your mouth and spitting it towards the creme with a lighter in the way. Always works for me.

Stupidramblings said...

You're truly my friend now that you have ditched mission friends for MONTHS. Ditching them for cool people (i.e. brothers and members of the opposite gender in general) is truly what makes the world go round.

I didn't get the photos though. What does a spoon full of oatmeal and a picture of 'Jericho Road' have to do with your brothers?

Please explain the photos so I can understand them.

You can read about how I ditched my wife and our weekend plans this weekend at my blog.

Tolkien Boy said...

I love your family. I hope you have a lot of fun.

*I* am slurping herbal tea and looking wrinkled...

Cicada said...


The pictures are of my brothers. I can't tell if you're being completely sarcastic or not, but in case you really wanted to know what the pictures are, that's it. They're my brothers.

Coop said...

I just got back from Oregon where I also had blissful times with my family... just too little time. I didn't try to burn my sister at all, but my brothers-in-law almost killed my child during a scrum! So that was cool.