The Perv

I think that it's time to change The Boy's name. This is not because of Savvymom, I promise. It's just that he fit Daltongirl's description of an Internet predator so well... So he will now be known as Perv.

In other news, he thinks that I'm sick and wrong for doing this to my eggs. I had to come up with some way of distinguishing the boiled from the regulars!


Th. said...


This doesn't make you sick and wrong, just interesting. Someone else might've just black-dotted them with a Sharpie or (heavens) written boiled on a separate cointainer.

I like your method much better.

ambrosia ananas said...

Oh, sad. Do you have to call him that?

And do you remember the story about how the girl who used to work with us got tired of people eating her eggs and so took a marker and put a letter on each egg? I don't remember if it was "[***** *****]'s eggs, or if it was "Do not eat my eggs," but it makes me laugh to think about it.

Coop said...

You are sick! Those poor eggs! How is it that you feel qualified to determine the moods that they are feeling? One might be extremely happy when you color on a mad face! Oh, the humanity!

Except that I really like how the one on the far right looks scared that the one next to him is going to eat him. That's just good humor.

Cicada said...

So all of these eggs no longer have an egg-holder compartment in the fridge, which is rather sad. I'll have to explain the whole fridge thing later in a post.