Its all about learning...

So I went to class today. To learn. And of course, since it's Team Spirit Friday (we don't get casual Friday here---instead, we're all made to wear the same white polo so we all look like lab technicians) I was wearing my nice BYU Independent Study polo.

I went to my editing class, where one of the first things the teacher did was pull out a brand new Independent Study poster calendar. We hand these out every year to every single office on campus, so the campus is flooded with these things. They're quite handy---they display the whole year along with important dates (like holidays! and add-drop deadlines!).

He said, "I found this slipped under my door last night," as he unrolled it. He held it up for all the class to see. "Where is the error?" he asked. "It's the very first word," he hinted.

In the top, left corner of the calendar is the sentence, "Its all about learning." (For those of you who didn't already cringe when you saw the title of my post, there should be an apostrophe in the Its.)

He then went on to explain, as I sunk lower and lower in my seat, "This had to pass by several people here. There was a writer involved and a designer. There was an editor and a proofreader. Several people saw this and yet no one corrected it."

I wanted to scream out, "I had nothing to do with it! I had nothing to do with it! I didn't even see that calendar until right this moment!" Instead I sat low in my seat for the rest of class, hoping the IS logo on my shirt would go invisible.


ambrosia ananas said...

Hahahahaha. Gee, whoever did that must be a real idiot.

Coop said...

It was a sad day for all of us when New Boss unveiled those. Being a true editor, I think it's worth the cost to track them all down, burn them, and print new ones. But that's just me.

daltongirl said...

Once again, I sit here in my house and reJOICE that I no longer work there. If that had happened when I worked there, I would have probably passed out with embarrassment. As it is, all I can call up is a faint twinge of shame.

Its feeling so good right now!

Th. said...


You know what, since the blogoshpere is more or less a first-draft sorta world, I live in the constant (and probably well founded) fear that all my stuff is full of idiocies like that.

I just noticed in an email I sent yesterday that I asked someone to "right back to me."


But! Nothing is as horrifying as its/it's and there/their/they're. So as long as I can keep them straight I'll feel I'm doing okay.

Red said...

Thats awesome (pun intended)

Nemesis said...

I know. I know. So embarrassing. And I think it's funny that one year they reprinted every single calendar on account of TOE CLEAVAGE but wouldn't do it for a spelling mistake.