Nothing Else to Wear

I got up early this morning to finish the homework that I didn't want to do last night (honestly, when one has to watch four hours of Lost and catch up with old friends for a couple hours, where does one find time for such things as homework?). I've also realized lately that my weight-gain within the last few months is probably due to the fact that I don't walk anywhere anymore. That's what working at a place you have to drive or bus to does for your figure! So I decided that I needed to walk to school instead of taking the bus, which meant that I had to leave fifteen minutes before I normally do.

What all this meant for me was that I had no time to really invest in my outfit today. I've been procrastinating laundry lately, too, which obviously didn't help matters much. Fresh out from the shower, I put on a pair of jeans and a sweater that I haven't worn for a while. I tied back my wet hair with an elastic and put on a felt hat that I had picked up for five bucks at Old Navy last week. I didn't particularly rank high on the pretty scale, but out the door I went.

On my way to school, as I was walking quickly and imagining the pounds I would eventually shed, I felt my hair fall down around my shoulders. I'd lost my elastic and now what once was nappy pulled-back hair became even nappier, still wet, hat-head hair. I went to classes, low on the classy scale.

After classes, I walked home quickly and had a total of three minutes to pee, grab lunch, and find something to wear that is work appropriate. Since I've grown too large to fit into any of my work pants, I had to find a skirt that I wouldn't have to zip all the way up, and preferably one that went with the sweater I was already wearing so I didn't have to change both the top and bottom halves. I found a brown skirt. To go with my brown sweater and my brown hat. And I put on brown tights and brown shoes.

The hat made me feel 1920s-ish, and I fancied myself some Myrtle Wilson. She was a full-figured beauty---so beautiful, in fact, that Tom Buchanan was cheating on his wife just to be with her! And that, my friends, is true love. That's real.

On the other hand, all the brown in my outfit made me feel like Sherlock Holmes. It's an interesting combination, actually. One that makes my coworkers hesitate before complimenting me on my outfit.

"Oh this old thing?" I say. "Elementary, my dear friends! It's just something I throw on when I've got nothing else to wear!"


Th. said...


Today I am wearing a tie that has a pretty, spring-colored, flowery flower print (yes, that many flowers!) and, surprise, it has led to a day of snickered comments from the adolescent males that people my life as they accusing me of, I don't know, not being a football player or something.

JB said...

Clever way to do this post. The title and then the picture of a hat. Made me laugh pretty hard.

I hate "ugly" days. They happen to the best of us, though.

I wish I could tell you I think you're not ugly, but I'd be lying because I don't actually know you. . . :(

Limon said...

That reminds me of the time I wore only a hat to school. That was a good week. I just made sure I was clean shaven. I wouldn't want to break the honor code.

Now it seems I can wear anything as long as it doesn't go with the ugly, old, flood-water khakis I have to put on at work.

ambrosia ananas said...

I can't believe I missed it. I've never seen Sherlock Holmes, and he's basically my favorite. Anyway, I'm sure you didn't look so bad because you never do. Everything in your closet is classy and manages to be a perfect match for everything else in your closet.

Savvymom said...

You look way sexier than I do I'm sure. I started out wearing cute black pants and a pink top and I was going to leave the house and then realized that I had peanut butter smeared at toddler level all over my pants, and green boogers on my shoulder. SOO attractive.

Coop said...

I've always loved a woman who's not afraid to wear peanut butter and boogers. I'm excited for when Jella is old enough for peanut butter. But the boogers are already there. Oh baby!

Tolkien Boy said...

I almost missed you because of your brown hat. Thanks for saying hi to me.

Miss Hass said...

I wore my sassy spring green chinese slippers. Too bad the spring weather went buh-bye and I had to wear long sleeves and a jacket. I'm glad autumn's here, I just wish I'd had a little warning. (Or that I'd learn to watch the news...)