Plugs for Blogs

Some of you (meaning Th., who I congratulate and admire) have noticed that I have some new blogs in my sidebar. I will now shamelessly plug these blogs, and you will visit them. You may even comment if the posts are of interest to you.

The Disavowed

This is a guy who sits in front of me in my American Lit class. I normally don't become friends with people from classes, but this year I made a few exceptions. It all started one day when I found a seat by an outlet where I could sit and plug in my computer. The Disavowed was sitting in front of me, also using the outlet for his computer. We had a conversation about wireless internet (unavailable in our classroom). Two girls sat beside us. One day, the teacher instructed the class to break up into groups---each row would form a group---to discuss what we had read. I disobeyed the teacher and informed the people around me (The Disavowed, who sat in my row, and the girls next to us who sat in the next row) that instead of breaking off into rows where we'd inevitably have to move around to talk to each other, we'd just form our own group, and the front half of our two rows could make another group. It worked out well, and we all somehow managed to bond over the experience.

Now I have always known that The Disavowed had a crush on me. Like, this one time, two weeks ago, he came to class all sheepishly, and asked what my name was, pointing out that we had never had formal introductions. I think that he did it because he was hiding his true love for me. In fact, when I happened to mention my boyfriend once, he was crestfallen. I can understand this. This last week, we had lunch together after our class. It seemed like a spur-of-the-moment thing, but I know that he had it all planned out. Since he knows that I have a tremendously huge crush on my own boyfriend, he asked out one of the other girls who sits with us. They did something together twice this weekend. Again, I know that this is compensation for the fact that he can't have me. He's just trying to get over me by replacing me with someone else. Good luck, The Disavowed. Good luck.


Sophie, Sophie, Sophie. I met Sophie because during our freshman year, people mistook me for her. That's a compliment, people. Finally, one person who had mistaken me for her introduced the two of us one day and we became fast friends. Sophie and I lived together during my junior year of college, right before I left on my mission. Among the things that I miss the most about living with Sophie are 1) listening to her sing loudly and at random 2) borrowing her clothes 3) listening to her laughing all by herself in the other room because she's reading a book 4) listening to her run to my room and start reading the funny part of the book aloud to me 5) eating the food that she cooked 6) buying beer for her when she was a minor (I promise that it was only for a recipe) and 7) being inspired by her art and the artwork of her family members (my time living with Sohpie was undoubtedly my most artistic phase).

Sophie is an incredible writer. One of the privileges of living with her was getting to edit her papers. She was an anthropology major, and all of her essays were personal narratives about something or other. And they were all so good. Check out her blog if you're interested in getting to know her better. Also, check out her contest.

M. Paul Bailey

M. Paul Bailey, a.k.a. Viper, has never actually expressed interest in gaining readership (unlike the two that I have heretofore plugged). So I emailed him before posting this to request permission to plug his blog. He told me to "feel free to pimp [his] blog if[I]'d like, but don't
bother working too hard at doing it" because although he'd be happy to have other people read his blog, it's not all that important to him.

I wouldn't have spent much time on this, but because he used the phrase "pimp my blog" I simply have to. One of the best reasons to read MPB's blog is that he updates so very seldomly. It means that reading his blog is very time-friendly. You can give it a good five minutes every month or so. The other best reason to read his blog is that it is always serious. See, I date multi-faceted men, and although Viper is in fact a comedian, he is also a very opinionated person who thinks a lot about the world and what's going on. I was talking to a girl in my ward who went on a date with him last semester and assured me that after one date, she knew that he and she would only ever be friends because their political views were so very different. So if you want to think about serious things, visit his blog. If you want to have a laugh, visit Comedy Sportz. And pay money, because comedy doesn't come for free. (No, seriously. For every joke he makes in my presence, he makes me make out with him for ten minutes.)

(Mom, Dad, that's definitely a joke. Haha!)


M. Paul Bailey said...

Yeah, it's more like five.

Cicada said...

Well, and you're actually not funny all that often, so really, it means that we rarely even make out at all.

Squirrel Boy said...

I never got to know Sophie all that well, but I definitely remember that she was cool and that you were indeed very artistic while living with her. I always secretly (or perhaps not-so-secretly) coveted your fish clock.

Sophie said...

Thanks for talking about my blog. It really is great, if a little plain in its current state. The homepage is quite pretty though, and the contest announcement is AWESOME. Now we have both talked about my blog.

Th. said...


When we all have blogs, will we all be famous?

M. Paul Bailey said...

Yes, but only for fifteen minutes.

Cicada said...

Uh oh. MPB just made a joke. I'll have to make a note that I owe him five minutes when he comes back to Provo.