Phyllo-Wrapped, Strawberry-Bedeckled Brie

According to Chicago, the second words in those compounds shouldn't be capitalized, but I maintain my right to capitalize them.

  • wheel of brie
  • phyllo pastry
  • butter
  • strawberries, halved, quartered, or sliced
  • powdered sugar

1) Butter a sheet of phyllo.

2) Wrap buttered sheet of phyllo around wheel of brie.

3) Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

4) Repeat steps 1-3 a few times. Maybe try 5.

5) Bake at 180 degrees Celsius (I didn't say 350 degrees because I don't know how to spell the other one) until brown. Record how much time this takes and write it on your recipe so that you know for next time.

6) Remove from oven.

7) Bedeckle with strawberries and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

The brie may be served with water crackers or baguette. If in a pinch, steal a loaf of French bread from Daltonboy.


Stupidramblings said...

Looks like a party for your mouth.

Truthfully though, when the photo of the strawberry dee-lite popped up on my screen, I thought for a brief moment I was looking at the mouth of another parasitic sucker fish.

Then when my vision clarified itsself, I giggled.

Oh, how similar in shape are parasites and strawberry cheese-wheels?

daltongirl said...

This one looks like it has considerably more strawberries than the one you made at my house. What gives? Of course, I do remember that you put the remainder of the strawberry container on the table, where it was devoured like divinity at Christmastime. So I guess it all evens out. It was wonderful, so tasty and wonderful!

Savvymom said...

so when are we getting together to eat this again? I forgot to write it down in my planner.

east said...

Thank you! It looks even better than I imagined.

sakhmet said...

Ummm...I'm not trying to dis your brie "bedeckle" a word?

Anonymous said...

F. You spell it F.

Cicada said...


According to Merriam Webster and the chickens, "fillo" is the variant of "phyllo." "Variant" means "varied from the absolutely correct one."

daltongirl said...

I think Anonymous was referring to the word Farenheit, which you said you didn't know how to spell. I won't look, if you'd like to delete your last comment.

Cicada said...

Ohhh, of course! Wow. DG responded while I was in the middle of an email asking her and Sakmet and Nemesis whether the F was really referring to phyllo or not. I completely forgot about the other f-word! Welp. It's a lousy system anyway. Why don't we create a scale based on the freezing point of salt water and the temperature of blood! Come to think of it, why don't we create a scale based on the body temperature of a fresh-water cod in June and a polar bear's anus in December?

Nemesis said...

Now you're just being crass.

And no, I'm not weeping at my desk. I'm not.

redlaw said...


This looks like the most heavenly thing I have ever seen and it is edible...can I become your new best friend? I live in Salt Lake - that's not so far away. Ans I am sure I have some redeeming qualities buried somewhere under all this other stuff.

And I always thought Celsius made more sense...but then, I also love the French so what do I know?

Limon said...

It sounds so good, but then I imagine eating a baked piece of cheese covered in some foreign pastry and I can't wrap my mind around it. Could it be good? Could it? Fortunately, I trust you in all things culinary, so I guess the conclusion is, yes, you can bring me some P-W, S-B B.

DanaLee said...

Oh man I love good brie. I had some in Portland last weekend at a French bistro. They served it flash fried in triangle squares and pieces of sour apples. It was AMAZING.

JB said...

:mouth watering: That sounds really good.