Where Are They Now?

In the manner of Where-Are-They-Now television shows, I will update you on what happened to my Number One Interest of Friday, August 26.

Today, the funniest thing happened. I went to get water at the drinking fountain and I saw him. He was wearing a nice sweater. I'm a sucker for sweaters. Somehow his face struck me in a new way. I realized that I had completely forgotten about him during the week that I hadn't seen him. It must be said that he gave me a ride a week ago, but between then and now, I had somehow completely forgotten that he even existed, and yet, there he was again, wearing a sweater.

My interest in him can now be safely put at 0.25. There was a time that he definitely dipped into the negatives. He invited me to his house for a barbeque and when I asked what I could bring, he said, "cute roommates." At that point, he descended to a -3.

Since then, I suppose that he gradually rose to at least completely neutral: 0. I only rank him at 0.25 right now not because there's a tiny bit of interest, but because I know that if he were interested in me, I'd give it a go, as opposed to other men, who if they were interested in me, I'd quash their little hopes and dreams unsympathetically.

Today, a friend of mine told me that she could be interested in my Number Zero-Point-Two-Five Interest. Territoriality is not something that we women practice when we're talking about interests that are below one, so she's good to go. To think! She was jealous of me for having been invited to the barbeque. If only she had been a roommate of mine, I could have brought her as an offering.


Coop said...

I think I hear wedding bells....

Limon said...

Where are they now? Does a number ranking count as a place?
Either way, you should probably recenter your scale, if no one ever scores above a one (and "ever" I mean the last year) than maybe the scores should just be ten-ified. That way when (if) you ever find a "1" (new scale: 10) again, you will be more motivated to snatch him up.

Stupidramblings said...

So, when your number 0.25 interest is sitting next to you in church, is there any hand-on-back contact? Does he or do you lean forward strategically to learn whether there WILL be any hand-on-back contact?

Cuz if there is, then you have to bump the interest level up to at least a 4.

If not, you can conveniently sliiide the interest level TO four by thinking whether you would LIKE to be the one receiving strategic hand-on-back contact. It's a level five if you think you might be the one MAKING the contact.

If you need any other advice on what the various church-related contact strategies mean, you can ask me.

Cicada said...


His ranking of 0.25 means that if he happens to be sitting beside me in church, then I am barely even aware of his presence. There is no thinking of physical contact of any kind. There may be a point during the meeting when I turn my head slightly and remember he's actually there. At that point, I'll think, "It's nice to be sitting next to zero-point-two-five." Then I'll immediately forget about him again and focus on the speaker.


As far as "where," he was in proximity to the drinking fountain. Fair enough?

And thank goodness that someone in the past year at the very least was ranked higher than one. But the process of finding and snatching up has never been a part of my life. Unfortunately, the ones I find don't want to be snatched up by me. Pathetic and sad, but true.

Th. said...


My goodness.

How in the world did I ever get married?

Snarky MorMom said...

OK, so I don't really have much to say about .25's.

But I was browsing your archive and came across the "diving fiasco"

You are now my blog hero