All Paul, Again

I have a headache and I really need to go to bed, so how about another couple of Paul stories today?

The Time that Paul Spent the Whole Day with Me and Dropped Me Off to Work

So one day, Paul called me up and asked if he could come over for me to edit some of his homework. It was a holiday---probably during the Thanksgiving break, because although it was a holiday, I was still allowed to work. This was in the day before cell phones. So Paul came over with his technical writing homework.

I helped him out for a couple of hours and then we sat and visited a while. Finally, it was time for me to go to work and for Paul to go to work. I asked him if he'd be able to give me a ride to work since I only lived a few blocks away and it wouldn't be so far for him to go. He dropped me off at work and then immediately drove to his own place of employment.

Paul worked with Brother 2. When Paul arrived at work, Brother 2 said to him in frustration, "I have been looking for Cicada all day! I have no idea where she is or how to get ahold of her!"

Paul said, "Oh."

That's it.


No, really. Paul didn't say, "I've been with your sister at her apartment for the past several hours." He didn't say, "Actually, I just dropped her off at work."

Brother 2 got ahold of me several hours later when he decided to try my work line. No help from Paul.

The Time that Paul Didn't Get Any Phone Calls from Our Dad

One day, we were expecting my father to come into town. His flight was coming in on a Sunday, but that was the only detail we had. We had no idea when to expect him. This was still in the day before cell phones. So Dad had Brother 2's apartment phone number.

Brother 2 was wondering when we'd get details of Dad's arrival. He talked to Paul Saturday night before leaving: "Paul. My dad's coming into town. Let me know if he calls."

When Brother 2 got home that night: "Paul, did my dad call?" No.

When Brother 2 got home from Church the next morning (I don't know why Paul didn't go): "Paul, did my dad call?" No.

When Brother 2 got back home after visiting a friend: "Paul, did my dad call?" No.

When Brother 2 got back home after visiting a neighbor: "Paul, did my dad call?" No.

Finally, my dad showed up. He was at the apartment with Brother 2 when Paul came out of his room and saw the two. His face brightened up, and he said, "Is this your uncle??"

**Note: There had never been any mention of any uncle that could have confused Paul. We have no idea where he got "uncle" from.

So there are your Paul stories today.


metamorphose said...

Oh I so have a crush on your All Paul stories. So hilarious. Was he missing a short-term memory chip in his brain or something? Geesh.

daltongirl said...

I too love Paul very much. So did your dad actually call, and Paul just forgot, or do whatever it is that he does with pertinent information?

Limon said...

So how do you react to these interactions? Do you laugh and take it in stride, or is there a moment of serious frustration before moving on?

redlaw said...

When did Paul serve in Paris? Is it possible that I know this stellar communicator?

Cicada said...

Definitely definitely laughing. I know that Brother 2 would get frustrated with him sometimes. They lived together, so that's understandable. To me, he was merely a source of endless entertainment... and he was really nice to look at.

Cicada said...

He served in France, but not Paris, and I'm sure that it was well before your time, but I guess that depends on how old you are. Paul would have served his mission in about 97 to 99 or thereabouts. One of Paul's mission stories comes from my cousin. They went to a discussion together and everything was going really well and it was time for Paul to bear his testimony. He looked the investigators in the eye and said, "You have a really ugly dog." And it wasn't for lack of language skills. Paul's French is excellent.

metamorphose said...

BWAH HA HA AHA HAAAAAAAA! Oh Paul. I could use someone like you to bring sunshine into my soul.

Just every so often though.

Limon said...

Did he say "I know you have a really ugly dog"? Amen?

Cicada said...

He said, "Votre chien est si moche!" And then everyone had to deal with the ensuing awkwardness. I love Paul, though. I really do.

Th. said...


The great thing about real life is that it is filled with characters you could never get away with in a novel.