Is it Friday yet?

Almost every day this week has felt like Friday. I'm not quite sure why. Usually I don't work on Wednesdays, but I worked yesterday so that I could take Friday off to spend time with Switchback who came into town yesterday.

Switchback hasn't contacted any of her other Utah friends to let them know that she's here, which is really flattering, and I will take that secret to the grave.

Today, she has a wedding to attend in Salt Lake. There was no way for us both to get up to Salt Lake (from Springville) today and both have cars, so I made today Take Your Friend to Work Day. It was fun. We came to work at 1:00. I should do that more often. She did homework in the cafeteria until the cafeteria closed, and then she came into my office to do homework. She wasn't chatty or needy, which was nice because I was actually able to work on work.

And I'm still working on work, by the way. It's almost 9:00. Switchback is just supposed to come get me when she's done with the wedding reception. This is the downside of coming in to work at 1:00, I guess. Except that it doesn't seem that late at all to me, and the workday has gone by really quickly, and I'm getting a lot done. (I'm still getting stuff done, by the way, but my computer is doing all my work for me and I have to wait till my computer is done doing my work until I can make it do more work.)

These are pictures of Switchback in my office. Isn't that a trip? In the first one, she doesn't know that I'm taking her picture. I'm sly that way.

(I have crazy eyes in the picture, but that's just me thinking, "I sure hope that Switchback stops flipping off the camera before this picture gets taken because this is my work computer and I don't want a picture of someone flipping the camera off to be on my work computer.")

If you're getting an eerie sense of déjà vu right now, it may have something to do with the fact that last year, Switchback and I got together right after I wrote my Threadless post, too. That year it was a Singles Sucka Tour. I don't know what it is this year... If she had told me last year on our Sucka Tour that next year she'd come and visit me and my husband, I would have thought she was crazy, and I would have added that I'm not the type of person to meet and marry someone in less than a year. But of course, when you know you've got a good thing, why wait?

On our agenda for this year's reunion is the following:

Molten Lava Chocolate Cakes (done last night)
Tour of Murray's work place (done this morning)
Tour of my work place (done today)
Test driving a Smart Car
Snowshoeing or other playing in the mountain snow
Pizzeria 712
Maestro Gelato
Easter Egg Hunt, sponsored and prepared by Switchback
One or several Muppets movie(s)
Birthday dinner for Murray with my siblings

I love our vacation traditions. Be prepared to get déjà vu again when we get together with Switchback for Pioneer Day.


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

I am enjoying having Switchback here already. A delightful young woman.

Yes, quite.

To any available men out there in the blog reading world, you won't be missing out with this one.

I am afraid I already got the best one, but I am telling you shouldn't miss your chance here.

spart said...

Molten lava cakes were actually on the agenda?!??

That's it. I simply MUST come and visit you now. You make splendid agendas. I'll pass on the snowshoeing though. I think I have enough exposure to snow.

Oh, and by the way, your mom IS cooler than you. She just messaged me on Facebook.

Julia said...

Ah, shucks! You guys were great. I miss it already. When am I coming back? Not soon enough if you ask me.
Luv ya