Friday Treat

Since it's Friday afternoon, I figured I'd share with you all one of my favorite stories from El Senor.

El Senor once worked in a place where there were computers out in an open workspace. When everyone was done for the day, they'd pack up and go home, leaving the building to be cleaned by maintenance workers.

One day, a coworker was using her computer, started laughing, and called everyone to look at her screen.

She'd been entering a google search. When you start to type something in the google search field, your previous searches that match the letters automatically pop up. After she had typed the letter J, the previous searches came up.

Someone had tried to google "jiggly boobs." But they didn't know how to spell jiggly, so they tried about five different spellings:

jigly boobs
jiggley boobs
jiglie boobs
jigglie boobs
jiggly boobs

Now, was that one of the chemists, or one of the ESL maintenance workers? You decide.

(I now realize that I'm going to bring a whole new type of traffic to my blog...)


Jon Boy said...

At least they knew how to spell "boobs." That's the important part, after all.

Hannah said...

oh my...that is funny!

Murray Terreno di Amore said...

Maybe they tried to type:

Gigolo boobs.

reno said...

HA. You totally just keyword-stuffed your blog with JIGGLY BOOBS. Your new readers are going to be So Disappointed when they find out the truth...

TOWR said...

Just sounds like a poor alibi to me. ;)

AzĂșcar said...

People who need help searching for p*rn online crack me up.