It's a Small World After All

Today has been a good day so far with Switchback. We slept in this morning a little and then got ready for our day-o-fun. Our first stop was to drop off the vacuum cleaner that broke while we were cleaning for Switchback. Apparently smoke and burning stench are not indicators that your vacuum is completely beyond repair. Let's keep our fingers crossed. The broken-hearted Hoover fixer sucker guy told me that he wouldn't be able to look at the vacuum until next week. I told him that means I don't have to vacuum, so he can keep it as long as he wants.

After that, we stopped in at the DI to buy some books to recreate a display that Murray and I had seen at Anthropologie last week. I also picked up a cool globe that has the USSR on it. Rad. I managed to leave without buying a chair, although there was one that tempted me sorely. Maybe I just need to learn how to upholster, and then I can just run my own reupholstery business, and then I can always buy a used chair whenever I see one. They are my weakness.

(Display from Anthropologie.)

After the DI, we hit up Xpedx, Bed Bath & Beyond, Nordstrom, and Banana Republic. Our last shopping stop was Charlotte Russe where we both bought some gaudy, cheap jewelry.

Then we went to meet Murray and Switchback's friend J for their lunch break at Pizzeria 712. Working is for suckers. While we were waiting to be seated, I found a patch of melting parking lot snow and made good on my promise to take Switchback snowshoeing. Maybe she didn't actually have snowshoes, but try to tell me that this looks like a girl who's not having a good time.

Lunch was great, as it always is at Pizzeria 712. It was fun getting to know J and he even gave Murray and me some small business advice. We found out that there are certain advantages that women business owners get, so we bounced around the idea of me owning 51% of our company and being Murray's employer. Murray visibly deflated at the very suggestion (he's so old fashioned) but we made sure to deflate him even further by making more and more jokes about the idea of me being his boss. Like, "Go stock the company fridge" or "It's time for your performance review... I'm not sure if you're getting a raise this year" or "The thing about living with your employer is that your employer knows when you've been up all night watching TV and are therefore not giving 100 percent of your abilities on the job the next day." (That third one was actually a direct quote from my dad to me when I was working for him and falling asleep at my desk.) Of course, I let Murray know that as his boss, I would encourage sexual harassment. I still don't think he's that excited about me being the boss of him.

After lunch we went to Lindon to test drive lo Smart Car ("lo Smart Car" is Italian for "the Smart Car"). I can't believe I didn't think to take any pictures. Test driving was a lot of fun, and it was also great to do business with our salesperson, who is a girl our age. During my test drive (because there are only two seats, Switchback and I had to take turns test driving) the salesperson talked to me about how I met Murray and I think that she's in love with our story. Then we talked about dating in general. There was no pressure about buying the car or whatnot. In short, it was awesome. Also? I kindof want to hang out with my Smart Car salesperson now. She was that cool.

Anyway, I really want one, to tell you the truth. It's so darn cute and awesome. Of course, my next car purchase will be a minivan, and I'm not sure that a Smart Car will ever be practical before Murray and I are empty-nesters. Or maybe we should just toss the whole procreation idea out the window and use all our money to buy all the things that we want. Like two Smart Cars.

Our test drive left us hungry for gelato, as test driving often does, so we made a trip to Maestro Gelato where our server was very impressed with our willingness to pronounce the gelato flavors correctly. There was some confusion about who was paying which resulted in Switchback pretty much yelling "It's TOGETHER" and pushing me out of the way of the cash register when I was just trying to get them to stamp my gelato card. I choose to love her anyway.

There's this one seating area at the front of Maestro's that overlooks the street so we chose that one. The funny thing is that you actually look like you're on display. We hadn't really thought about that until an old man came up close to the window and started waving at us. When we waved back then he started laughing and we started laughing and he walked away. Then we thought that we must have looked like some high tech animatronics, and we had "It's a Small World" in our heads for... well... it's still in my head. Here are pictures of anamatronic Switchback.

Right now, Switchback is napping from her exhausting day. Did I mention that working is for suckers? I did the book display and I am really happy with how it turned out, but I'm hoping that my actions have not offended my librarian friends.

I can't wait for Murray to get home. I thought he said he'd be home around five, but it's after six now. I miss him.

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Jon Boy said...

It sounds like you had a lot more fun today than I did. Work really is for suckers.