Cinderella, Giselle, Snow White, Great-Grandma

When I was a little girl, I always thought that it would be the coolest thing to be able to call birds and have them land on my finger like the princesses in Disney. The farthest I ever really got with that was training chipmunks to climb on top of my head to eat peanuts. I should be grateful for what I've had, but really, I still want birds to come and land on my finger. I'll admit it.

Yesterday, my mom sent me this picture of my great grandma. Apparently she could sing to birds and have them come land on her finger. So apparently it's not only in cartoons and it's not only princesses. At point point, she tamed a whole family of fly catchers in her backyard, and she'd go out with a container of milk, call the little birdies over, and they'd drink from her container.

Don't think that the fly swatter in this picture is menacing. She was just being clever: Fly catchers in both hands.

You can see from this picture also that she's not young. So apparently I have my whole life to work on this goal. You'd better believe this is making it to my list of things to do before I die.


ambrosia ananas said...

That is amazing.

Murray Terreno di Amore said...

I must admit that there is something in my head the likes the idea of being married to a woman that can summon fowl of any kind.

maybe not Turkeys.

bedelia said...

I thought my grandma was cool because she would whistle like a bird and they would land near her. I didn't know fairy tales were real. That's crazy cool.

jeri said...

That is a worthy goal for your life. I don't have anything nearly that cool.

Kind of the reverse of that, when I was young we had a bird across the street that would call our dog. It would sit by the open window and call "Otis! Otis!" and then our silly basset hound would run to the fence and bark. Then the bird would laugh. For real.

Anonymous said...

Is milk really the best thing to be feeding to birds? I didn't think this was something they naturally enjoyed in the wild. It's another milk advertising campaign just waiting to happen.

Ashley said...

I just wanted to thank you for teaching the Illustrator class:) You did an awesome job explaining everything and I'm so excited to learn more. THANKS!! See you next Monday:)