I give a hoot about Valentine's Day.

A couple years ago, I read the post-Valentine's Day blogs from all the couples out there and determined one thing. I would never go out to eat on Valentine's Day. It just seemed like so much hassle and stress, just because you're supposed to spend an evening together.

Instead, Murray and I decided to spend the evening in. It still involved a little hassle and a smidgen of stress. I did a prime rib roast that wasn't everything I'd dreamed it would be, gorgonzola mashed potatoes that I could eat by the shovelful, oven roasted veggies (leftover from the night before---gasp!), and a salad. In the course of preparing for the evening, I slit my middle finger open, burned my arm, and broke some blood vessels in my hand. Oh, the things we do for love! I can definitely say that it was all worth it, because in the end, Murray and I enjoyed a romantic candlelit dinner (did I mention that I forgot to turn on the music that I'd prepared?).

Murray, for his part, well exceeded my expectations. He showered me with gifts, not all of which I will list because it will make every man in the world feel inadequate and every woman in the world feel under appreciated. But I will highlight two cool gifts so that you get an inkling of how much cooler Murray is than any other man in existence.

Cool cicada earrings from this etsy store. I've been eying these for a long, long time. So perfect.

A picture of a pygmy owl with a damask background. Murray is great at collecting things that represent what I love. Here, he's taken a pygmy owl that I saw at a museum and fell in love with, and he's incorporated my love of pattern by adding a green damask background instead of foliage. Murray is so cool. And I am so spoiled.


daltongirl said...

Daltonboy wrote me a Valentine's haiku.

Please don't tell DB that I think Murray is cooler than he is.

bedelia said...

I've seen those earrings before and thought of you. My parent's go out to eat the night before Valentine's to avoid the crowds. I love the owl.

Nemesis said...

Wow. Murray is amazing.

Janssen said...

Wow, you clearly struck gold with him. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Is it bad to admit that we celebrate Valentines the day after? Can you say Chocolate at 50% off?

another anonymous person said...

Valentine's Day is best celebrated as it was when we were in elementary school, in my opinion. Though it is a good excuse to go out to dinner, i admit.