Anybody have a breath mint?

Everything smells like onions. Well, specifically, my wedding ring smells like onions right now, so I'm going to go wash it very soon.

My brother Richie is in town, which means that we get to eat good food. Four out of five of the kids in my family are cooks, and though we're all good, I'd venture to say that Richie is the best. El Senor is a close second, though. So Richie decided on a menu for last night's meal.

Roast Moroccan pork loin
Sweet and spicy pork loin
Caramelized-onion Gorgonzola mashed potatoes (my suggestion)
Green beans (with pine nuts and onions)
Sautéed mushrooms (with onions)
Corn (with nothing)

We realized after cutting and cooking the 17th onion that every single dish we were serving, except the corn, had onions in it. Good thing we all like onions!

Dinner was a success, but that's not surprising. Everyone is a fan of Richie's tender loin.


Hannah said...

Yum! Reading that menu is making me hungry...

Murray Terreno di Amore said...

I am very fortunate to belong to this family now, let me tell you.

natali said...

remember when i was holding up the bean so he could learn how to cook? i think all he learned how to do what saute onions...

The Boy said...

Hey, I can cook. I just choose not to.