Bring it, Utah.

It's official. Today I bought the last pair of rugged winter boots in the state of Utah. Due to alarming amounts of snow this winter, all reasonably-priced winter boots sold before the month of February, though snow continued to fall. And fall. And fall.

During the past few months, I have become painfully, coldly, and wetly aware that all but one pair of my shoes are sabbath appropriate. And if you can wear almost everything you own to church, then you probably aren't properly outfitted for the winter. So today, I found this great pair of Columbia boots (waterproof and good to -32 F) for $50 and I couldn't have spent my money more happily.

Now I need a winter coat. Although I have a vast collection of winter coats, all of them are also sabbath appropriate. Apparently I like to go to church a lot. Or something.

I asked my mom to go through the storage closet in her house in Maryland and bring me out any extra stuff that remains from our Canadian days (when snow pants were required just to get out to the car and knee-high Sorel boots were the height of fashion) but she forgot.

The truth is, it's February, and I feel like I've almost wasted this winter. As much as I want the weather to turn good again, I would also like to take advantage of all the snow before it goes away. My only snowman this year (and for the past eight years at least) was built on a table outside the shops at the Riverwoods. Incidentally, I was wearing sabbath-appropriate clothing---even down to the skirt and silk shirt. I live really close to Hobble Creek canyon and they do fun things there like sledding and snowshoeing and I should really see some of that action.

So here's a new new year's goal: Get out and play in the snow before it's gone.


Find a good pair of winter boots for Murray so that I'm not stuck playing alone.


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

If there is playing to be had, I want it to be with you, so I guess I need to get myself some boots to facilitate such an event.

btw, that is an amazingly well gessoed canvas behind you. I wish I could meet the genius behind that work.

Cicada said...

Just wait till tonight. It'll look even better after a little more work.

Jordan said...

I have faith that someday it will stop snowing. I keep telling myself that when i'm driving in it.

bedelia said...

When I'd get sick of my roommates, I use to go for a drive in Hobble Creek Canyon.

Hannah said...

Cute boots! I love them! I bought a new pair this year too. ( first snow boots EVER) I need to get out and get my money's worth..