Call Gordon Jump!

I am really afraid that my oven is broken.

(I'm not speaking metaphorically about my womb, either, and those anonymous people who like to suggest that I'm pregnant in the comments section should know that seriously, I'm not pregnant. My lotion really does smell musty, okay, and it smelled musty before I ever met Murray.)

(Speaking of pregnancy rumors, back when I posted about my first design that has been mass printed, I showed the proof to someone at work who then shouted out, "Cicada had her first baby!!" And I think that just about every person's head popped out of their office or cubicle. Seriously. Not pregnant.)

Today I am at home sick, and because I'm not one who prepares for illness, I don't have a stock of comfort food in my home. So I decided to make muffins, which is strange, because I never, ever make muffins. But I was just craving muffins. (Please refrain from comment about pregnancy cravings.) So I decided to make gingerbread muffins, because does anything sound better?

The problem was that when I set the oven to 375, it clicked a few times, and then all the numbers rapidly rose to 375. I could guarantee you that the oven doesn't get that hot that fast. This happened recently before, and I was able to fix it by setting it to 350, waiting for it to get to 350, and then resetting the temperature to what I really wanted. So I tried that this time. It didn't work. I tried about five different times and finally it worked the last time I tried it.

What does one even do when one's oven is broken? I mean, first of all, I think that Gordon Jump is actually dead. So that doesn't help me at all. Second of all, does the Maytag repairman cost as much as a plumber, because in that case, I'm willing to rip apart the wiring myself and fix it myself.


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

Well in the few years before Gordon Jump died there were a series of Maytag commercials with a young buck protégé that to me was clear that they were preparing the world for the eventual demise of the Maytag repairman we all knew and loved.

Anyway, maybe we could just call him instead. Or maybe I should learn how to be a REAL man and fix things myself.

Um, I'll place the call.

Jon Boy said...

Uh oh. I wonder if you caught whatever I had the other day.

Anonymous said...

Sears will repair all brands no matter where you bought them. They also charge something like $75 just to show up. They will then take it off of your bill. Maybe they had to many people who opted out of getting an appliance repaired after seeing what it will cost them.

Or you could buy a new oven. Over at they start around $300. You could probably find them on sale somewhere else.

Jordan said...

Sorry your oven is broken. I have to set mine to about 25 degrees cooler so that my stuff doesn't burn.

As for your pregnancy status, once you get married the world thinks your uterus is a matter of public record. It bothered me so badly in the 2.5 years between when we got married and when we decided to have kids that I swore I would never ask anyone about pregnancy until their belly was poking out. Then I got fat and now I just never ask anything.

DP said...

If you need to borrow an ohmmeter to test your circuits, let me know.

Natalie said...

Ohmmeter may just be the awesome word of the day. I need to borrow the ohmmeter to gauge my search for nirvana. Ohm. Ohm.