Anniversary Date

I always thought it was cool that Murray and I married exactly six months to the day that we first met: May 3rd and November 3rd.

Today, Murray and I decided to buy tickets to The Swell Season, coming to The Depot on May 2nd. We both enjoyed the movie, Once, and then we were thrilled to see the humble couple get up at the Oscars and give the sweetest acceptance speeches ever. (Thanks for bringing Markéta Irglová back on stage to give her speech after she was cut off!). I'm so glad that their song won Best Original Song because I seriously haven't gotten sick of listening to the Once soundtrack yet. I'm so excited to see them at The Depot because it's such a small, intimate venue.

So I told Murray that it was great that we were going to see this concert on May 2nd, also because it's a day before May 3rd, the day we met, and it's only fitting that we celebrate by doing something bigger than our average fare.

And then I went to program it into my iPhone calendar, to be puzzled---really, really puzzled. May 2nd is a Friday this year. May 3rd is on a Saturday. Murray and I met on a Wednesday (I purposely scheduled our first date for a weekday because then if it goes well, you don't have to wait a whole week to get together again). But even with a leap year, there's no possible way that May 3rd could be on a Wednesday one year and on a Saturday the next.

Sure enough I looked it up, and we met IRL (please note my self-deprecating tone in using that term) on May 2nd.

The good news: We're going out on a big date this year to celebrate the anniversary of when we first met.

The bad news: We didn't get married six months to the day we met. I feel like my whole world view is caving in on me.

Weren't the men supposed to be the ones who are bad with anniversaries?


Mr. Fob said...

On the bright side, the day you actually met is FoxyJ's birthday and the day you got married is mine.

Hannah said...

I don't even know the month that Jason and I met, so I think you are doing pretty well.

Azúcar said...

OK, I just love that you purposely scheduled your first date for a weekday to allow for a second date in the same week. I mean, if that doesn't perfectly illustrate your efficiency in practically everything, I don't know what does.

laceyJ. said...

Hi! Had to leave a comment- I'm also going to this show, and I cannot wait. It's going to be amazing!

Cicada said...

Mr. Fob, that is kindof weird how that happened.

Hannah, I don't know how you can't know the month. We'll have to discuss this.

Azucar, the rest of the reasoning is this: If you schedule a first (especially blind) date for a weekday, you have something to look forward to during the week. It's a night out, and something different from what you'd normally do. If the date is bad, at least you had something little to look forward to during the week, and you didn't waste a weekend night on a bad date (even if your weekend night is just spent at home sewing, that's always so much better than a bad date). If it's a bad date, you also have a great excuse to end it early---it's a weeknight! If it's a good date, then it's the highlight of your week and you have something to look forward to on the weekend. I know. I am a genius. Not that I'll use that logic anymore because my good date turned into a good marriage, but I'll teach my children.

Laceyj, I have to confess, I found out about it from your blog. Murray was a little scared that I was advertising it on my blog because then people who would otherwise not know about it might go, and then it will be really crowded. I think it'll be crowded anyway, and it's only fair that other people find out about it because I found out about it from a blog, too!

Ellen said...

every once in awhile i can't remember the date of my wedding. was it the 27th or 28th of December? and was it 2003 or 2004? that's the problem with getting married so close to Christmas and the new year. the days of the week and which year it was just seems to blur together.

hooray for "the swell season"!

i'm still wondering if we should go out of our way to get a sitter for their concert.


ps... wish i had been able to stay to hear your reading... but our little guy was a little too restless. oh well, next time.

Saule Cogneur said...

I rather like that CD. I need to buy tickets.

daltongirl said...

Being forgetful/mixing things up is a sign that you might be pregnant.