Weekend Highlights

Here is a picture of the red-headed beauty that is my new niece.

In other, less important but still exciting news, Murray and I made serious progress on our office yesterday. We still have a few nit picky things that we'd like to do (mount a magnet board, mount a bulletin board, organize the closet and the shelves), but aesthetically, right now it looks pretty much like it should look.

Yesterday we put up pegboard behind Murray's drawing desk. We have it there so that we can hang up works in progress on the walls. I think that the room should be filled with art---why waste cool, unfinished pieces by storing them in the closet? (Note: The grotesque woman in the bikini is not Murray's work; it's from his friend Peter, and I found it in the closet and liked it, so I added it to the wall.) (Note also: We found Murray's "BEST CARTOONIST" plaque from his junior high [91-92] and we added that to the display wall as well.)

On the other side of the room is our computer station. Right now we have both the computers there, but we'll move the small iMac elsewhere once there's room cleared for it in the guest room. We used Ikea shelves around the desk (thanks to the help of my brothers and Dad) and mounted "frame" doors on the tall shelves. Inside the frames are cards from Smack of Jellyfish that illustrate collective nouns from A-Z. Thanks to El Senor for the great birthday gift!

I think that both pictures displayed like that make the office look enormous, but the room is only really about 10x12'. You can see from the picture below that the drawing desk is really only 3 or 4 feet behind the computer desk.

This is a corner of serenity in our bedroom. I've been needing a jewelry box since moving in with Murray because my jewelry just collects in small piles around the room. Murray got me a cool jewelry box from Urban Outfitters, but we realized that it will only fit small necklaces and earrings. I needed something else for my chunky necklaces. Which is why it was great to find this DIY project from Blueprint, via Design Sponge. I just happened to have an empty frame that I've held onto for years because I knew I'd use it someday. So I put together this frame for my chunky necklaces. Next time I go to Ikea, I'll pick out a couple more so that they're not all crammed into the same box.

Other than that, our major weekend developments are that we cleaned our toilets of all the hard water buildup, so they sparkle and are presentable, and we spent an evening with Jenny and Ed, which was the first time that we've hung out with non-family couple friends. I can't wait till we get to have them over to our non-kid-proof house, where their children will incur gouges from our pointy furniture.


Miss Hass said...

I have office space jealousy.

Janssen said...

We also have a non-kid proof house, so we only go to other peoples houses. The one time someone with kids came over, Bart almost had a heart attack when the little girl kept playing with his handmade nativity from Holland. We clearly are not ready for kids.

AmandaStretch said...

Wow. That looks fantastic! I got all sorts of jealous, but then remembered that I'm not an artist or married to one, so it's okay. I need to clean my house, then worry about making it pretty.

Jenny said...

You don't need to have our kids over, they are overrated. : )

I think Ed wanted to make out with the pictures of your office. He was impressed.

We enjoyed having you guys over, and were glad we could provide with you married person interactions. We hope we didn't scare you off.

spart said...

Those Macs are hot.

switchback said...

*I love the his and her's matching macs. ps I just bought about a boy and sense and sensibility not 2 weeks ago and those were listed on your favorite book list. We were totally meant to be friends.

Maggie said...

I think you and Murray need to come to Colorado and decorate our condo for us. We can pay you in...um, well my amazing cooking ability.

jennie said...

Wish I could say I modeled for the grotesque bikini gal, but everyone knows that I'll never have a chest THAT size. Glad you liked the drawing.