It's Arlo!

Every one of the 12 times I woke up last night, I had this song in my head. I love it. Maybe we should name our next child Arlo. Or at least write a song for Gulliver. Unfortunately, music and lyric writing is not among Murray's and my many artistic talents.

G, G, G is for Groovy,
U, U, U is for Unicorn,
L, L, L is for Loving,
L, L, L is for Landing,
I, I, I is for Igor,
V, V, V is for Very,
E, E, E is for Extraordinary,
R, R, R is for Rolling!

Not quite as catchy....

(Before you embarrass yourself by saying anything negative about the name Arlo, just know that it's a family name and you really, really don't want to say anything negative about it.)


brinestone said...

That is an awesome song. The songs that are in my head when I wake up at night are always stupid kids' show theme songs.

rychelle said...

my favorite part is "l is for lipopolysaccharide".

but, it's only second to "l is for ellen degeneres".

Petit Elefant said...

Ah Cicada, I'm happily snorting my head off!

Jordan said...

Catchy song...the cats kind of creep me out, though. As a curiosity, what would happen to one who mocked the sacred name of Arlo?