I'm slipping! I'm slipping!

Oh noooooooooo! I'm quickly losing my hold on the #1 spot, due to the fact that someone else realized they were in this competition! It was much easier winning when most of the mothers were oblivious. I wish I'd taken a screen capture when I had over 50% of the vote. Now... well, this may be the last glimpse I get of myself in the lead.

I appreciate everything you have done, my dearest readers, and I can understand if you're burned out on this whole vote on every computer you come across thing. As this contest goes on until Sunday, I am realizing now that unless we rally and give this an extra huge effort, we will lose this thing. And I'm okay with that. It just means that Murray will never be able to be first gentleman, and I will not, in fact, decide to pursue a career in politics.


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

Alas, I may not be the Utah Mommy blogger equivalent of: 'Soon to be G. but now L.G.G.H.' or:

Soon to be Governor but now Lieutenant Governor Gary Herbert.....if your not into the whole brevity thing.

And how would that happen if you won? Would like, Design Mom ask you to be a blog ambassador to China?

You never know.

KT said...

If it's any consolation, my second vote just put you over 300.

You'll always be the #1 Utah Mommy Blogger in my heart.

lilcis said...

NOOO! Okay, so I just sent an email to a bunch more coworkers. But it's after 5pm so I'm limited to who's actually still here. Oh wait! I just realized today's Thursday! So I can send it to more people and maybe they can vote tomorrow.

I also think I can get 4 more votes when I get home tonight.

blogger won't let me log in again. grrrr.

Red said...

Oh, Cicada!! I've been away from a computer for a bit and MISSED the voting!!! I could have/would have voted on at least three computers (the number of laptops in our two-adults household - sad, isn't it?) for you!!


'sposita said...

you can probably design something much cuter, but i saw this and thought of you.

didja win after all?