Enough is Enough

These are words I never thought I would apply to chocolate. Until this evening.

Murray and I have continued to be busy. (Remember how I blogged about Hell week? It's more like Hell month, but we hope things will settle down someday soon and then we are going to spend an entire weekend doing NOTHING.

Amidst the busy-ness, I decided we needed something good to eat, and I've recently busted out the ice cream maker, so I thought I'd give a new recipe a try. I never used the ice cream maker once last year because I'm all about the immediate satisfaction recipes rather than the "cook this and then let it chill all night in your fridge and you can eat this food tomorrow" recipes.

I found a quickish recipe for chocolate sorbet, and figured that putting it in a ziploc bag in an ice bath would be just as good as letting it chill all night long.

And three hours later Murray and I ate the most chocolatey chocolate sorbet that I have ever eaten in my entire life. And I was unable to eat more than one 1/2 cup serving. Which means that we have plenty to last us through the week (since we have the large ice cream maker) and share with Murray's parents since I left the raspberry sauce I made there on Sunday, and this sorbet could really use some raspberry sauce.

Want the recipe?

4 C water
1 2/3 C sugar
1/3 C brown sugar
2 C cocoa powder
1 tbsp vanilla

Dissolve sugars in water in large sauce pan on medium heat. Add cocoa powder and incorporate fully. Bring to a simmer and stir for 2 minutes. Remove from heat. Add vanilla. Put in large ziploc bag in an ice bath. Put in your ginormous ice cream maker for 25-30 min. Enjoy!!

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