Four Month Visit

Today I took Gulliver to his 4-month checkup. Here's the latest on our baby boy:

Height: 28"
Weight: 18 lbs 15 oz (can we just say 19?)
Head: 43cm (75th percentile)

This puts him once again off the charts in height and weight (but more off the charts in height, which means he's not super fat).

He did very well and of course he cried when he got his shots, but then he immediately stopped when I nursed him right afterward. The doctor says that she can tell from his demeanor that he is a happy, easy-going baby.

Here's a picture of him playing with Grandpa and a picture in the back of the car with the mums.


KJ said...

hooray for happy healthy babies.

Lisa said...

I love me some chunky babes.

wide open spaces said...

I'm loving him peeking out from all those flowers.