My Goal

(My nephew performing a lobotomy on the baby; picture stolen from here.)

Today I received a surprise visit from my brother and sister-in-law (Captain Fabuloso and Captain Mom) with my niece and nephew (Bean and V). They were on their way back to SLC from California and needed to stop and let the kids out of the car for a bit. I'm sure it wasn't as fun a stop as it would have been if Murray were around. Bean just had to satisfy himself by playing with Murray's toys. (The life size and authentic Kermit the Frog is a favorite.)

All the kids bond with Murray. I was talking to Captain M about it. For some reason, they all just love him.


For Pioneer Day, I ended up taking the day off after all and we went to a park with Jenny and Ed and kids. And Savvy basically didn't let go of Murray's hand for most of the day. I can understand that because Murray has drawn for her a couple of times. They've bonded. And really, the hand holding was precious. Even more precious was the hand holding and running through the park as Savvy would yell, "Fast as you can! Fast as you can!" So precious.

Ethan managed to spend more time adoring a drinking fountain than Murray, but I know that his day is coming up soon, too, that he'll fall in love with Murray. It happens to us all.

Last Friday, we went up to an outdoor movie with PE and her kids. I think I successfully have her 8-yr-old's devotion, but apparently her 3-yr-old loves Murray most. On their way up, he said that he didn't want to play with me because I am rude to him (when I come over to visit, I visit with his mom and don't pay much attention to him, and distract his mom's attention from him, so you can understand how I'm so rude). But he was looking forward to playing with Murray. They've barely even TALKED before. Sure enough, as soon as they ran up to us, he was spending his time playing with Murray.

I may be the goat whisperer, but Murray is the kid whisperer, which is actually much more practical. I'm sure I'll get there.

But what this post is really supposed to be about is how my sister-in-law has set the bar for me for child bearing. After less than six months, my niece is the most adorable, best-natured, prettiest, and fattest baby on earth. If I weren't working on my own right now, I might just steal her. How can you even resist this cuteness? Now I have a concrete goal to work towards myself!!

Last time I was over at their house, I took the opportunity to document her rolls as best as possible.

V with Aunt Brat. Did I mention that V never stops smiling. She's the prettiest.

Her butt crack is uncontainable. I think that I might have to add baby butt crack to my list of cutest things on earth.

Documenting the rolls.

Excuse me now while I go eat a block of cheese and drink some cream. I read in my pregnancy book today that my baby is starting to grow fat now, so I have to do my part.


Shop Girl* said...


The picture at the top of your post is incredible. I heart it.

KJ said...

oh so precious rolls. I want to squeeze that baby! Mine never had rolls like that. Just a pudgy belly and chubby cheeks, which are both moderately cute.

natali said...

oh i do like that fat baby. i hold her and people say you are so pretty and i pretend they are talking to me.

Sarah said...

Holy crap, that is a big baby! I notice that everyone you write about gets a nickname. How do you come up with all these nicknames? I like it!

Rachel said...

This made me think of you. :)

Rynell said...

What a very pretty round baby.