Dueling Man-jos

Yesterday I had a great email exchange with Azùcar. I told her that I'd bought fabric samples to run past Murray and see what fabric we'd use to be recovering some furniture. She said that that's what I get for marrying a creative guy; her husband, a mathematician, wouldn't care about fabric samples.

My response:

You get a LOT for marrying a creative guy. I thank my lucky stars every day. I get full creative support on every project I decide to tackle, plus creative input. I get someone who I can bounce ideas off of who actually contributes to the conversation. And, of course, I get free artwork for my house, which is whatever color, size, subject matter and style that I want. Oh, all that and so much more. Not to brag or anything, but this is the life!!

Her response:

Yes, but is he a human calculator? Can you call him at any time to make him times 356 by 1200? Can you count on him to make obtuse remarks about how someone's logic is way off? Can you always have your own way on everything design related in your home? Plus, free math and physics tutoring for life! I think not!

So I read this to Murray last night and then I started singing dueling banjos. Anyway. It is a really good thing for every woman on earth to really believe that she has married the shiz. It's how everything in this world should be.

And so, last night was project night where Murray and I worked in the same room. Here's a little more bragging about my husband. He is a collector and has a large collection of DVDs. But you know what he did? He bought this cool card-catalog CD organizing unit to use it with DVDs. And then he threw away all the cases of all but the most important DVDs and bought paper sleeves to put the DVDs into. So now he can fit endless DVDs into this unit. And last night he alphabetized the first batch. And we'll create cool dividers. And we'll be the best house for people to come visit because we have all the coolest movies.

While he worked, I sewed come cushions for our couch. I bought a table runner from Pier 1 and cut it up to use the fabric.

(Murray is a little concerned that these iPhone pictures aren't the best... you really don't see how BRIGHT YELLOW our couch is. You'll just have to come over and visit sometime.)

This is a glider/rocker for the baby's room that Daltongirl found us at a yard sale for $5. It's in really really good condition, but of course we want to recover the cushions with a cool fabric. So here are a couple of our options. I think after seeing these pictures that I'll choose to go with the larger floral pattern as opposed to the green polka dots, even though I like both options a lot. Heck. I may as well do them both anyway since I'm just doing removable cushion covers!

I had a leftover fabric sample. For most of my samples, I just bought fat quarters. But since this last one was home decor weight, they didn't have fat quarters. I had to buy by the yard. So I bought 2/3rds a yard because that way, if we chose it for the rocker, it would be enough to sew the bottom cushion. But since we didn't need it, I just sewed all the sides together to make a giant pillow with all the leftover stuffing from the couch pillows. So this'll probably end up being a floor or bed pillow in the nursery. Yay!


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

da...da..ding-ding-ding da da ding ding ding...

Apples and oranges of course, the world needs both artists and mathematicians.......but I am just happy you appreciate what I have to offer.


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! What a unique blend of fabrics.
-an anonymous admirer

Hannah said...

You baby is going to have the most fashionable nursery ever. All other babies should be jealous.

brinestone said...

Your husband is truly talented (as are you). But my husband just fixed the air conditioning in my car.

Sarah said...

For sure the big flowers for the chair over the polka-dots. I gotta say, though, Mike looks a little like dear in headlights --- there's something funny/scary about that facial expression!

The Holyoaks said...

I want to be you when I grow up.

Azúcar said...

A.) I almost sent you a Penelope skit.

B.) I cannot wait to see your toddler vs. your DVD collection. I'd like to buy an advanced ticket, please!

jeri said...

You guys ARE the shiz! Also, when the heck are you finding out what flavor of baby you are getting? I really like all your fabric samples and could never choose. I totally love the pillow though, that would have been my favorite.

Rachel said...

You're so clever and creative. Sigh. Too bad some of it didn't rub off on me during our lunches.

Have you found out what you're having yet??!!