Two Hearts Beat As Two

I think the thing I appreciate most about my baby doctor's office is the complementary apple juice that they have sitting in the bathrooms. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything, but unfortunately the stuff I drank today had gone bad. And was warm. And "Hillary" was written on the cup.

So this morning Murray and I heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time. Last time we went, we only got to hear mine, which was not as exciting. This time, we heard the heartbeat as soon as the probe touched my soft belly. And then it went away. And then the doctor found it again. And then it went away. And then the doctor found it again. Apparently we have a swimmer.

It was a relief to hear the heartbeat, especially considering that I apparently am really good at being pregnant. I really don't feel pregnant at all, and my pregnancy so far has been a breeze. I honestly half expected the doctor to tell me today that it was all a misunderstanding and that my body only thought it was pregnant. But nope. There's a little heartbeat in my belly.

Also, I have gained one pound in the past month. I am pretty proud of that. Daltongirl told me that this is the only time that I get to go to the doctor's office and be praised for gaining weight, so I should enjoy it. And let me tell you, I'm enjoying it. But I have a theory, and in five or so more months, I'll look back at this post and laugh at my stupidity, but here it is. First I have to start with my missionary theory.

I went on my mission (to Italy, land of pasta, pizza, and gelato on every street corner) and lost weight. Most of the sisters in my mission gained some weight. But before my mission, I exercised never and I ate anything I wanted. While on my mission, I walked everywhere I went and had the damning watch of a companion at all times who could judge me for what I was eating, so I was able to clean up my eating habits a little. (A very little.) And I lost weight. Meanwhile, sisters who were careful about exercise and diet before their missions gained weight because the daily walks were less than their regular routine, and the pasta and gelato and other such treats were more than their caloric intake pre-mission.

So. As an obese person (O! the shame!), I'm only supposed to gain about 15 pounds during my pregnancy. I am a person who hasn't exercised for a long time (O! the shame!) and eats whatever she wants, and indulges pretty much every craving she gets (why am I recording this for posterity?). So how will pregnancy change that? I haven't noticed an increase of food consumption, or a change in cravings. And NOW, I am feeding TWO with the same amount of calories. And those calories are being used making brains, guts, fingernails, and a heart. So I'm hoping to gain only the necessary 15 pounds of baby, fluid, placenta (is it gross that I just said that or is it okay to say placenta?), etc.

We'll see how true my theory holds. Maybe it's just wishful thinking. Or maybe, I will be queen of pregnant women everywhere, with minimal discomfort, minimal weight gain, and a painless delivery. It's at least a worthy goal.

[By the way, Switchback is always keenly interested in how much weight I'm gaining. She said that the most she's heard is 65 pounds. So recently at her sister's baby shower, she started asking all these women who she'd never met how much weight they gained while they were pregnant, and if anyone could beat the fattest pregnant girl ever with more than 65 pounds. After the shower, her sister told her that all her friends got offended. I'd love for you to participate in my new poll, in honor of Switchback.]


TheMoncurs said...

I gained 30 pounds right on the dot, most of it in my last trimester. And my son was 6 weeks early. I shudder to imagine what those last 6 weeks would have done to me.

I know someone who gained 70 pounds. She was HUGE. And she had a heck of a time losing it too, but she did it!

Murray Terreno di Amore said...

It's nice to read that our baby is nothing more to you than:

brains, guts, fingernails, and a heart

No seriously, that was a trip hearing the heartbeat, I loved it.

Good job so far on incubating our offspring....I appreciate it.

Jessica said...

So I always gain so much weight. Thankfully, my Doctor is cool and doesn't say anything about it. And Tom always says that we have cute babies so it was worth it :) But I think weight gain is as follows
E-45, C-40, L-69, E- 65.

I always loose the weight. Usually 30 by the time I leave the hospital. Right now Emily is 4m and I have 8 pounds to go. Not bad.


Hannah said...

This is embarrassing, but I gained about 60 lbs with Emma...and 25 with Carson. And haven't lost a lot of it. How happy I would be to be my pre-mommy weight again...sigh.

Rachel said...

Please tell me you are not officially classified as obese. Because that's just pure foolishness.

If your pregnancy and birth turn out to be really easy, I think you should be a surrogate and bring in some mad cash!

natali said...

its ok to say placenta. just warn me accordingly if you decide to display any ultrasounds.

FoxyJ said...

I noticed the exact same thing on my mission, and I lost weight for the exact same reasons. I unfortunately gained it all back after I got home and I've been about 30 pounds overweight for the last few years. Yes, I'm also unfortunately on the verge of "obese" on the stupid BMI chart.

I actually don't really remember how much weight I gained with each kid. I don't really keep track much. I think it was somewhere around 20-30 pounds, but I didn't really know my exact weight pre-pregnancy either. The most frustrating thing for me was the fact that by about 2 months post-partum I went right back down to pre-baby weight and then didn't lose any more. Even with breastfeeding. I'm so jealous of girls that get skinny feeding babies. Maybe I should just go live in Spain again :)

Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to you, but that was probably Hillary's apple juice you were drinking.

Ew, backwash!

Amber said...

I know someone who had 2 girls and then a boy and with her boy she said she had no shame giving in to her cravings because her pregnancy was so different with him. She gained 90 pounds. Don't worry, by the time he was 2 she was back to being a stick. When my kid turned 2 I still wasn't all the way back to my pre-prego size and I only gained 30 pounds. Curses!

Kristeee said...

It's so fun to hear the heartbeat and to feel the baby move and, later, to see your belly move around. I used to get kicked when I folded my arms in church. :)

I think the whole "you're not a fat cow but we're calling you obese, so you should only gain 15 lbs." is a crock. I had just lost 30 lbs on Weight Watchers and had been eating really quite healthily, but my baby didn't want me to eat anything healthy for the first 4 months, so I ate a lot of potatoes and meat. Seriously, salads made me want to puke. I do, however, wish I had gone for more walks, or had the chance to do my prenatal yoga or water aerobics classes I had planned on.

My MIL's thyroid went crazy when she was pregnant and she gained 90 lbs. with her first, 60 with her second. She finally lost it all when she turned 50 and dieted a whole lot.

Gretchen said...

So she didn't gain that much weight considering, but have you heard about the Wilkinson quints? Makes singleton pregnancies seem like a breeze! Check out the photo of her right before she delivered:

Sarah said...

No, it isn't gross to say placenta. Just be careful when your like me and you start saying "cervix" and don't understand why people cringe.
Since every person that comes to the hospital we have to ask the pre and current pregnancy weight - the most I have heard is 80.

Wodin said...

Your concern about whether you could say placenta reminded me of the Malcom in the Middle episode I saw today, where the mom is embarrassing one sone by showing birth pictures to a girl and says, "The doctor says it was the largest mucous plug they'd ever seen!"
I think you can probably get away with a lot in the pregnancy department. Well, around women, anyway. I've noticed men get squirmy and uncomfortable when you say stuff like, "So, was it a vaginal birth?"

petit elefant said...

I gained 80+ lbs. I don't know if I count b/c I was hooked up to an I.V., but still, I should win some sort of prize. I didn't even fit into the double wide wheelchairs.

hairofgold said...

petit elefant-
You rock my world. When Cicada told me of you amazing pregnancy it totally made my day. I think you might be the winner of my quest, but I do have rumors that someone else gained 92 lbs. I need to confirm, but if untrue, you win the prize. (There is actually a prize)I don't care how you did it, you win. It's just like cyclists and doping, you do what you gotta do.

KT said...

I gained 45 with my son and then lost like 25 of it between kids and then gained about 30-35 with my girl and then lost about 55 in the last year (her birthday is next week! crazy!).

But I'm one of those unfortunate people that gain weight EVERYWHERE when I'm pregnant. My face, my legs, my whole body gets insulated. I hate how chubby my face is in my late pregnancy pics. My sister gets a cute little basketball belly on her thin little body and I become an elephant.

Don't worry about saying placenta. After you've given birth and you and all the other moms you know compare birth stories and talk about all the gross things your kids do, placenta will be the least of the words you say that might make someone squeamish.

Jordan said...

The baby's heartbeat is the best sound in the world! I had a teacher who gained 80 pounds with one of hers, but it looks like other people have gained more. Those charts also classify me as obese, so I just cover my eyes when I see one. Be happy that your largest stage of pregnancy will be in the winter so that your swellig won't be so bad.

Rynell said...

My weight gains varied:

13 lbs. -- apparently complete bedrest for several months depleted any muscle mass I had.

25 lbs.

and 25 lbs.

At 22 weeks, I am now about 7 lbs. more than I started at. At the last appointment, I lost one pound. Weird.

Mike and Debbie said...

Okay, so I'm breaking my just stalking status and commenting on your post!

So, I was/am totally in your situation and I'm here almost 7 months along and can tell you that it's probably doable. I had the same theory. I give in to cravings all the time and my weight (although above average) hasn't changed in a few yrs. What happened actually surprised me. I started craving really healthy things that I never liked before like tomatoes and all sorts of weird fruits. But on the other hand...I just reached my 15lbs mark and still have a ways to go, but I feel fine about it!

P.S. That's the best part about the country I'm living in...they don't care. Although I don't know if it's a language barrier and they just don't know how to tell me gently that I'm a fattie!!

kellyroxanne said...

my mom claims she gained 80 pounds when she was pregnant with me. but i don't know if that's true. she was 41 though.

AzĂșcar said...

I have a friend who gains 70 every time.

I gained a little over 30 with my first and about 20 with my second. With the second I didn't gain anything until I was 6-7 months along. Too sick to eat, ugh.

My midwife told me, when I was concerned with the weight I may or may not gain, that your body has a remarkable way of telling you what you need and taking care of itself when you are pregnant. I love her.

daltongirl said...

I gained 24 lbs. during my pregnancy. And I wasn't overweight to begin with. Then I lost 16 in the hospital. That was awesome.

So the other day I was moaning about the big lump of fat on my abdomen, and Lola said, "Don't worry, Mom. That's just baby weight. You can lose it."

I said, "I lost that the day you were born. I've gained it all back again TWICE in the fourteen years since!"

She said, "oh" in a very small voice. But the thought was really generous. As is my waistline.

Abbie said...

Ya.. 30lbs on the dot. And it was all in the last oh... 4-5 weeks. It was pure junkfood... cookies, cupcakes, etc. Learn from my mistake and eat well... you'll pay for it later. I still have 5+ to lose. Ugh. It feels like it will never go away.