Don't Mess with Canada. Part Trois: Texas

Okay, so I have already posted some Texas pictures, but here's the rest!

We went to Texas for Murray's brother's wedding. Here is my favorite shot of the bride. Murray took it while she was trying to get ahold of her photographer who was late.

After the wedding in San Antonio, Murray and I headed to his old mission stomping grounds. Here we are visiting one of Murray's favorite sassy ladies.

Remember this map? Now look at that red dot. Now look at the Gulf of Mexico. Yep. We went from Red Dot to Galviston, on the Gulf of Mexico. We're that cool. In fact, we were recently watching a Planet Earth where snow geese were discussed. Apparently snow geese make this trip every year. But it take them four months. So as we dipped our feet into the warm waters of the gulf, we said, "Suck it, snow geese!"

This was honestly my favorite part of the trip. I had a big sense of accomplishment. Really! Four coasts in one year! I'll be dedicating an entire post to our coasts later. Because I'm that proud. Anyway. People were watching us take pictures and celebrate by yelling "Yatta!" (Like Hiro). But they really didn't understand just how much cooler we were than they. Did they just complete a four-coast pilgrimage? I think not.


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

The last picture is what happens when you try to take a picture of yourself and someone else with a SLP standing over water...oops.

Anyway it was a great trip.

Murray Terreno di Amore said...

SLR. I meant SLR.

petit elefant said...

I really thought the bride was you.