At Home

I have heard about pregnancy parking but I only saw it for the first time last Saturday when Murray and I went to Best Buy. I made him back up the car and go back to the Kinder Parking spot that I saw because gosh dang it, if life was going to offer me an excuse to use specialized parking, I was going to use it. And then I made Murray take my picture. While an old woman drove past and scowled.

I had a friend who used pregnancy parking before she was showing and people would give her dirty looks. But seriously, you could be really really sick with your pregnancy before you even start to show. The sign does not restrict the parker's stage of pregnancy. And even though it's true that I feel so good that it's hard to believe I'm pregnant (and could therefore park in normal parking), it was right before store closing anyway, so I figured that all the uncomfortably pregnant women out there would probably be at home instead of making late-evening trips to Best Buy.

And now for something completely unrelated. In the past couple of weeks, a few people have asked me how it is to not work. I don't think that everyone really understands what it is I'm trying to do here. I didn't leave my job to be able to sit at home and eat bon bons all day. When I say that I'm working at home, that's actually what I'm doing. (Of course, I'm blogging right now, but I'm allowing myself that break because I'll probably be working till 9:00 or 9:30 tonight.) I don't do laundry, as evidenced by the piles of clothing in my house. I don't read books. I don't go out to play. I don't take long breaks. I actually sit at my desk typically from 8:30 to 5:00 every day, and most of the time, I'm caught up enough in what I'm doing that it's a pretty big inconvenience to stop and eat, but for the baby's sake, I go downstairs, heat up some leftovers, and bring them back upstairs to eat in front of my work.

Last week I put in over 40 hours. I guest blogged over on petit elefant. I worked on and finished a large (and well paying) project that I'd been working on for two weeks. I made a custom design for an adoption announcement, and printed it. I prepared and taught an Illustrator lesson for my Illustrator 102 class. I answered several emails from my students, helping them through their problems. I quoted a potential client on a proposed project.

I didn't get the mockups done for the website that I need to put together to become a legitimate designer. That gets pushed over to this week, which, by the way, is another busy and productive week with important clients, important deadlines, and an all-day Illustrator seminar class on Saturday. AND I probably won't be taking off Pioneer Day because I'm just. that. busy.

Which is how I want things to be right now.

But which is also why I might be just a little bit insulted if you ask me what it's like not to work.

Ask me how I enjoy not commuting, on the other hand, and I'll tell you what it feels like to get 10 hours of sleep a night (for the baby's sake) and never wake up to an alarm. It's wonderful.


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

Now the world knows that you are not a bon-bon eating do nothing, like it was ever a question.

You are a champ freelancer already.

Gretchen said...

Not taking Pioneer Day off? Gasp! Isn't that something only the heathens in the other 49 states do? Nice to know you'll be joining the rest of us who will be having a normal, VERY BUSY Thursday! :)

jeri said...

Too bad that "work from home" is not the sweats-wearing, nap-taking, bon-bon fest that it is made out to be. OK maybe the sweats part is true. But what it really means is that you can never truly get away from your work and you end up putting in longer and weirder hours than if you just went into the office. I wouldn't trade it though. Your little baby will thank you one day.

Rachel said...

For the record, I knew you were actually working. I think there is a serious misconception that people who work from home don't actually work. If that were the case, how would they pay for the house they're not working in?

At any rate, your hair is ADORABLE! And you should also know I'm super excited to be working my little heart out at home myself starting late next week. Squeeee!

Jenny said...

Just wait until you have a baby and people ask you how you like doing nothing all day. Also, your job inconveniences me. I felt like we hung out more when you were working in SLC and taking Wed off.

Janssen said...

Not even bon-bons at your desk?

Well, really, what is the point?

Kristeee said...

I love pregnancy parking. Afterall, there should be some perks to the whole incubating thing! Just wait until you go shopping at Babies-R-Us - they have great parking, they point out where the bathrooms are first thing, and they'll carry things out to your car if your belly's too big or you have a stroller. I like that place.

And, with as busy as you are, it sounds like a good thing you're getting 10 hours of sleep a night. And enjoy the no alarm thing while you can; soon you'll have a very whiny, persistent alarm.

FoxyJ said...

Since your not working, you should come to our blog party on Monday night :) Mr. Fob works from home and takes care of the kids while I'm at work/school--it cracks me up how often people ask "who babysits for you?" Um, I am married and my children have another parent.

daltongirl said...

This reminds me of when I quit my job at BYU to go home and do freelance work full time in addition to taking care of three children. My dad called to congratulate me on my retirement and ask what I was going to do with all my time. Hmph. I was NOT amused.

And yeah, second that, Jenny. I thought Cicada and I were supposed to be sitting around knitting all day. Especially now that I don't do freelance anymore and two of the kids are gone. Hmph again.

petit elefant said...

Whatever. I know you're watching Oprah.

hairofgold said...

Quit working and go back on vacation. Love the pics by the way