Not-so-secret confession

So I'll admit it. I have read the whole Twilight series so far. I blame it on my friend Jenny, just like I blame her for me being pregnant. She just gave me the first book right as I was leaving for my trip to Canada and Texas and then I had to read the other books. (And she subjected me to sweet and tender moments with her beautiful children which made me need to make my own immediately.)

And I know that it's trash. I know that it's dumb. I know that it's teeny bopper. But it's also actually enjoyable, and as long as I keep reminding myself that I am above it, I can continue to enjoy it.

I totally don't blame you if you never read these books. But if you have read the books, you'll love the poll that Jenny put up on her blog. She even let me contribute. Believe me. It's worth checking out. It makes fun of the book and makes you feel better about yourself because you're participating in the making fun of the book.

And you'll also laugh at this picture from my old mission companion's blog and her commentary on it.


Mr. Fob said...

I blame it on my friend Jenny, just like I blame her for me being pregnant.

By which you mean Murray is actually the one responsible?

Gretchen said...

You echo my sentiments exactly. Plus, if I don't read these books, there's nothing but potty training to talk about with my "Mommy Friends."

Jenny said...

I think I'm going to take a toned down version of it (no sex question) to girls camp with me next week. Heh.

I like to think I read them so I can be easier to relate to. :)

Sarah said...

I LOVE the series! Can't wait for the 4th one to come out!

petit elefant said...

You love them.
Listen, just
because you read
books that every
teenager across
America is reading,
it doesn't make it
"trash". Come on,
seriously, the
girl knows how to
suck you in. There
is real value in
"distraction" reads.
Which is why I'm on
the pre-order list
on Amazon.

Mary said...

amen and amen. I almost peed my pants laughing with the quiz. Glad to see there is a "small" group of us pseudo-junkies. We read it just to laugh at it. does that make us bad people? certainly not.