A GB Update

So I know you're all dying to know more about my gestational diabetes and the food that I eat. I know that it's about the only thing that I think about, so I assume it's the only thing you're all thinking about, too.

I'm definitely getting used to this new eating lifestyle. It's really not as bad as I thought it was. Especially since Jenny taught me that eating one fun-size Snickers bar won't spike my blood sugar, and that I can count 1/2 cup of ice cream at dinner as a milk and a fat. Phew!

I think that right now the biggest challenge is finding creative ways to have my protein at five out of six meals. I mean, there's boiled eggs. There's string cheese. There's meat. There's also peanut butter and nuts, but I think that technically I'm supposed to not go crazy on those foods because of their high fat content. I think. I did buy some edamame packs at Costco yesterday so that Murray and I can have edamame as part of our evening snack. It's easy to have meat at real meals, but it's working protein into my snacks that makes me get creative.

Anyway. Last night, I had pumpkin soup with shrimp pineapple spinach nut salad. I made up the salad. Can you tell? Oh, and I definitely had ice cream for dessert. I realized that although one cup of pumpkin counts as a starch, I can have WAY more than 1 cup of pumpkin soup because there's twice as much broth (which is free) than there is pumpkin. So I got two cups of pumpkin soup last night. And that was plenty.

Here's me with my lunch today. See? Not bad at all. I get two slices of bread for my sandwich because I use reduced calorie bread. AND I finished off lunch with a mini Snickers. Not bad at all. Just ignore the fact that I haven't had time to shower yet today.


Mike Loveland said...

hat looks like egg salad.....mm I love egg salad. But you know that I am sure.

Cicada said...

Okay, okay. I'll make sure I make you egg salad soon!

Stu said...

Stumbled across this article today - might be worth a read:

KJ said...

must try my hand at pumpkin soup. BTW: had a crazy prego dream that you and I met while I was walking through Swan Valley, ID. You were on your front porch and I thought "hey, that's cicada" and stopped to talk and you were completely lovely and hilarious and rosy cheeked and asked me in, but inside it was actually my house and I was showing you around and you kept paying compliments and making jokes and it was just so strange. Had to share.

Rynell said...

I add a teensy chocolate treat too--like 3 or 4 chocolate covered nuts or peanut butter M&Ms with no blood sugar spikes.