Murray in a Hurry.

Here's the special present that I bought Murray! Isn't it the greatest thing ever? I knew he'd love it. Of course, when he saw it, he said, "Did you just buy me black man hairstyling product?" I said, "It says MURRAY'S!! And it's retro and vintage!" And let's face it. Murray probably loves it even more just because it is black man hairstyling product. Maybe Murray will start working on an afro...

Okay. So I've been blogging this week about things just to avoid blogging about the one thing I couldn't blog about and that I wanted to blog about. And that was the fact that for the past several days, Murray has been out of town without cell reception, and we have been separated for the first time in our almost year of marriage. Bwa! And I couldn't tell you all that because then one of you, my loyal blog readers/psycho stalkers would have come and murdered me in my bed. But Murray (the original blog stalker) is back now, so I'm safe.

Despite the fact that I lived for about ten successful years as an adult singleton, returning to that singleness was almost crippling. Well, and I'm not being entirely fair because during my single years, I always had roommates so I was rarely really alone anyway. But I really hated having Murray gone. Here are some of the things I missed:

* Making meals for the both of us.
* Snuggling in bed, especially because it was cold.
* Voicing every single random thought I had.
* Reporting to someone who cares about my whole day.
* Asking someone else to please take out the trash. (Shh! It's sitting on the back patio!)
* Getting help determining which shade my pee had turned the pee stick.
* Having random conversations about random things. Like urine, or belly button lint.
* Laughing at above random conversations.
* Watching tv or movies together. While snuggling.
* Having him available all day on google chat.
* Sharing everything I am doing with him.
* Getting positive feedback on every single thing that I do. (Have I ever mentioned how supportive Murray is?)
* Sharing the baby's kicks with Murray, especially when the baby went on this crazy ninja kicking spree. (He's gonna be a socca playa.)
* Having someone ask me what they could do for me several times a day. (Have I ever mentioned how supportive Murray is?)

I'm sure that there are other things that I'm forgetting to list now because Murray is back and so all that sorrow and strife is forgotten. I had to find things to do to fill my time while he was gone. So I went and spent a night at my brother's house in Salt Lake and went to church with his family. And I spent an evening with Murray's parents. Oh, and Jenny even let me babysit her children. And I had my cooking club. So, you know, I did activities to keep from curling up into a pathetic little fetal position... along with my fetus.

Oh, and just in case any of you blog stalkers are still reading this (which you would be because that's what stalkers do), you should know that my neighbor came over one night to make sure that we knew that we needed to turn off our sprinkler system because there was a potential freeze coming on. (He's the one who installed the sprinkler system, and he's taken it upon himself to ensure that we have the absolute best sprinkling experience possible.) When he found out that Murray was out of town, he got all defensive and gave me tips on how to be extra safe, and then also told me that he'd be talking to my neighbor on the other side and letting him know that I was alone and that they both had to keep an extra careful watch over our place. And then my lonely little heart was warmed by the kindness of really good neighbors.


Mike Loveland said...

I DO love my Murray's black man/retro hair styling product. I AM considering an afro.

One thing I DO know is that I am happy to be back with the one(s) I love.....that's you and our ninja/soccer player.

TOWR said...

Nice use of Billy Madison in every-day convo! It's as culturally and intellectually significant today as it was thirteen years ago.

What happens if the neighbor on the other side of you is a psycho killer and he's just been waiting for Murray to go out of town but he didn't know he was gone until the other neighbor told him? What then?! (Correct answer: sleep with butcher knife under pillow.)

I think one good thing that living alone has brought me is self-sufficiency--not only in paying bills but in reaching the stuff on really high shelves and discovering methods for fending off loneliness and paranoia. (Although I'm still working on the paranoia. ;)) As for the snuggling, I'm S.O.L. Unless the dogs count?

hairofgold said...

Love the black man's hair styling product. I bet it works great on all types of hairs. PS love the new cut you look so cute with your sweaters and new do.

Jonathon said...

It's really freaking weird to be alone for a week. Brinestone and the kids were gone for a week back in July, and I hated it. I didn't know what to do with myself every evening. I hung out with a friend one night, but that left six more nights of sitting alone at my computer or on the couch. Ugh.

C. said...

HA!!!! And you made bitter "don't even complain about being alone for 10 days when I'm alone every day" comments when I posted about Ben's first business trip!! I now feel very justified!

Sarah said...

I am glad to know you are back with your better half! It is hard though it seems so silly.

Emily said...

"the absolute best sprinkling experience possible"

LOL. Awesome.

cornnut32 said...

i think i go through withdrawals being sans husband for 8 hours.

weird considering a few years ago i went nuts if i didn't have alone time.