Fall Fashion

It's that time of year again. The time to bust out the fall fashions. Fall is definitely my favorite fashion season. I love the styles. I love the colors. And I love wearing nylons. Call me crazy.

Only I'm a little concerned right now about what to wear to church tomorrow. I don't have any nylons that I could wear with a pregnant belly. But with cool weather, I feel really foolish wearing a skirt without nylons. It's one of the things I'm really picky about.

I can't really do knee-highs because my maternity skirts go just below the knee, so it would look awful when I sit down.

I guess I could go out and buy larger sizes of nylons or even maternity nylons, but when I was in a maternity store the other day, I only saw plain nylons. I'm a patterned nylon sort of girl. So I guess I'll have to see what I can do about just buying a larger size.

And not to keep coming up with problems rather than solutions, but because all my skirts right now are summer skirts, they don't have slick linings, so I'd have to actually go and find a slip and hope that it would fit my pregnant waist, too.

Such a dilemma.

Fashion-wise, I would forgive myself for wearing a denim skirt without nylons (but only because it's October) for one week, except that spiritually speaking, I've always been raised to believe that wearing denim to church will pretty much guarantee that I'm thrust straight to Hell.

I'll have to update you tomorrow on what I decide.


Janssen said...

I too have been raised to believe that denim in sacrament meeting will get you a one way ticket to hell.

Also flip flops.

KT said...

I just wear my regular slip under my maternity skirt when I'm pregnant, and put the waistband under my belly.

Do you have any bella bands? I LOVED them during my last pregnancy. You might have plenty of shirts that are long enough though, in which case you wouldn't need one.

Jenny said...

I was raised to believe that showing up to church pregnant is a ticket straight to heaven, so wearing denim or not wearing nylons can be overlooked considering your belly is an extenuating circumstance.

buffyvandabailey said...
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buffyvandabailey said...

Buffy here. As in I.S. Buffy. I believe Mrs. C. Miller informed you that I totally stalk you (but is it stalking if I know you?). I just had to chime in. I LOVE nylons as well. Especially fishnetty ones. They make me so happy. And soooo smooth.

As for when pregnant? I believe I just got a huge size and hiked them up over my belly. Sexy, I know.

AzĂșcar said...

I feel the same way about denim.

I had problems finding maternity nylons as well. DON'T get them from Motherhood Maternity, theirs are awful. I was partial to full fishnets (all the way to the waistband) because they were stretchy enough for most of the pregnancy. Check Nordstroms for a great selection--they even have thigh highs!

Mr. Fob said...

It's true. I wore denim to church once and look at me now.

Jessica said...

I would just go with the bigger size, stay away from motherhood ones yuck.

Oh and I was going to say that I try to think of meat as a side dish or to add flavor to my meal. I had no idea that having GD was so much work, with all the testing and peeing. Wow.


The Holyoaks said...

It's all about the thigh highs. I haven't stopped wearing them since I was pregnant with Macy. You never get that waistline roll (pregnant or not) and mine stay put, never seeming to slide down whatsoever. Superb invention.

C. said...

Definitely agree on the denim, although I did wear it to church today. But we were camping and it was either that or something that would wrinkle terribly in the car, so I caved. Mostly I just want to say that you are looking ridiculously good for a pregnant woman!!! Honestly, aren't you supposed to be fat by now?

KJ said...

I have the same diilemma! I've been getting away with regular clothes until last week. I had NOTHING to wear to church. Barely squeezed into a regular skirt with a maternity sweater on top, and I wore tall boots. No need for the nylons just yet. But, definitely go with textured or patterned. You'll have to look online. But I think the real problem comes with the team whites and whether you have slippery or bunchy. Tights just don't work with the slippery. Get my drift? ;) It all just sucks.