New Office

Cicada here, reporting live from my new office. What do you think? (What I think is that the lighting in my house is not as flattering as the lighting in my old office when I was actually working in a real workplace.) This week, things got really really cold. And I still refuse to turn on the heating to my house. I mean, we just turned off the air conditioning a few days ago. Shouldn't mother nature reward me with some small period of time when she can just heat and cool my house? Plus, I don't think that there's really anything better than getting all snuggly cozy warm during the cooler months. I wait all year long till it's time to wear sweaters again and always snuggle under a blanket in front of the tv.

So that's why I decided that I may as well move my office downstairs for at least a bit of the day every day. That way I get to be warm and extremely cozy for a bit of the day every day. Right now, I'm upping the cozy ante by drink-eating a bowl of diabetes-friendly split-pea soup. And I have decided that steamed milk will be my new best friend. Unfortunately I don't live near a Starbucks (who does in Utah County?) but there is a coffee shop down the street that I might have to try out. Today, I'll just settle for some warmed-up milk with flavored syrup.

Anyway. As long as I save my blog surfing (which is work related because most of the blogs I read are design blogs) for my downstairs-office time, I should have plenty of relaxing, soothing, comforting couch time where I can accomplish some good work. Emails, too. I don't need my big screen to answer emails. Hey... does this mean that I can deduct my living room AND my couch this year? Awesome.

About yesterday, I never got a picture of what I wore, which is probably for the best. I spent the night at my brother's house in Salt Lake, and packed an outfit that I'd never tried on before. I'm not sure I would have worn it if it hadn't been my only option. And I just forwent the tights anyway, because the only tights I could have gotten away with wearing with that outfit were natural fishnets (my favorite kind of fishnets by far, as long as the netting is very tight), and I couldn't buy any at Target when I tried. So I'll have to keep an eye out for natural fishnets.

I feel like this post is rambly. Oh well. Hey, everyone. I went in for my blood test so that I can get my rhoGAM shot tomorrow. Does anyone know if I get this in the butt? Someone suggested that I'm going to get it in the butt. Ladies?

Oh crap. I just got an email requesting that some work-work be done, so I have to unsnuggle and get back up to my upstairs office.


Bendel Life said...

I got my rhogam shot in the butt, that's the normal spot - at least here in Germany. By the way - you're looking great, the pregnancy seems to be agreeing with you.

jeri said...

If sweaters looked as cute on me as they do on you, I would wear them all the time as well. Also I hear you on the heat/air conditioning thing. I had to give in and turn our heat up on Sunday because there are tiny humans that live here, not just ones of the fully-grown variety. Arg!

brinestone said...

I've had two kids and four rhoGAM shots. Three have been in the butt/hip and one in my upper arm. When the nurse who did the upper arm one asked me where I'd like it, I was like, "I have a choice? I thought it had to be in the butt." And she said that she'd asked the ob/gyn about it and found out that, while the butt is more common, the upper arm is just fine too. I was less sore afterward with the arm one too. Maybe that was because the nurse was better at giving shots, though. My ob/gyn's nurse was seriously fantastic. So there's a rambly response to your rambly post.

Rachel said...

I got mine in the upper bum/back of the hip area. No full removal of pants required, you just slide down the band of your pants a couple of inches.
I love your blog!

KT said...

I got my 2 rhoGAMs in the butt but yeah, it's just a sliding down of the waistband so it's kinda an upper cheek/waist shot. I didn't have any pain after the initial pinch as far as I remember.