Halloween Food

I just thought I'd share a picture of what I brought to my cooking group last night. The theme was "black and orange" and I felt it was the perfect excuse to use my black spaghetti that I bought at Target months ago. I made an oil-based shrimp sauce to go with it. It really was delicious. I know, because I even tried some. Yep. I ate 3 spaghetti noodles with 2 shrimp. I am restraint incarnate.

I think that this is going to have to be a Halloween staple in my house from now on. The kids will love it... hopefully. I'm even thinking that if I broke up the spaghetti, it would look like LITTLE black worms... delicious!

Black and Orange Pasta

12 oz package of black spaghetti (I got mine from Target.) --Prepare according to directions

1/2 C oil
7 cloves garlic
pinch red pepper flakes
1 tsp salt
1 lb shrimp
fresh parsley

1) Heat oil on low heat.
2) Add minced garlic, red pepper, and salt; heat until garlic turns golden but is not brown, about 15 minutes.
3) Add shrimp, stir fry for 2 minutes or until shrimp is pink and opaque. (I cheated and just used thawed pre-cooked shrimp.)
4) Add oil sauce to spaghetti, add parsley, mix.

On a completely unrelated note, I think I need to start charging people more for what I do. I just received some Illustrator pattern files that a potential client bought from some professional company. Although they bought the copyrights to the patterns, the company did not actually set up the patterns to repeat. The files are an absolute mess and the client needs me to make them into repeat patterns, which the company should have done in the first place. When I give files to clients, they're set up properly, they're clean, and they're very usable! Must start charging exorbitant prices because obviously my skill and professionalism is worth it.


Anonymous said...

That looks really delicious. Do you mind sharing what goes into your oil-based shrimp sauce? Also, do you know what makes the spaghetti black?

Cicada said...

Whoops! I meant to add the recipe and forgot. I've added it now.

jeri said...

SO GOOD! I don't get to eat any more of it because Joe stole it and took it to work with him (he can't get enough shrimp). I'll have to ask him what the guys in the breakroom think of this dish...

Jenny said...

squid ink makes it black.

Sarah said...

I thought it WAS worms when I first looked at the picture. That's a great Halloween dish. Very creative!

cornnut32 said...

that is FANTASTIC. creepy and it has shrimp in it.

right up my ally. yum yum!