Check Him Out

Last night Murray and I took a trip to Home Depot to buy paint for the baby's room. We've decided to paint only one wall of the nursery and then Murray will do a very simple "mural" (it's really more of a line drawing than a mural that we have in mind...). The crib will go against this wall.

So we brought the green sheet from the baby's bedding to Home Depot to color match and get the exact right green for the wall. If you think that I, as a woman who enjoys interior design, am picky about these things, think again. Murray is waaaaaaaay more picky. Remember what I said about my urine test yesterday? It took Murray about five minutes to really color match my urine stick to the options on the bottle. "Well, this is a little warmer than that color..." Last night was no different. This is why I love having him around (among other reasons). We compared the blanket to several swatches. "This is too blue," he'd say. "That has more red in it." (It's not every person who can tell you if your shade of green has "too much red.") After checking swatch after swatch, we finally settled on the most absolutely perfect color. Do you know how I know it's the most absolutely perfect color? Because I chose that exact color to paint my room when I was living with El Senor. (The pictures in that link are very yellow, but you get the idea.)

What can I say? I'm really picky about my greens, and Murray and I have the same green tastes, which is a huge relief because I don't know if I could ever love a man who loved sage or mint green.

According to one of my pregnancy books, I'm technically not supposed to paint the baby's room because of the chemicals. I think I'd look into it more if it was more than one wall, but since it's just one wall I don't feel so bad letting Murray do it himself. I helped to tape up the wall and set out the drop mat. He did the first and second coats in no time. My bedroom needed three coats, but it looks like the baby's room might only need 2 coats anyway.

Now Murray just needs to do the mural! Maybe while he does that, I'll sew the glider cushion covers. We're both happy little nesters!


Petit Elefant said...

I love that he's nesting with you. That's so cute. And I'm really in love with the bedding. Yay Dwell.

Tom Finnigan said...

If you'd like a projector let me know.