Baby Naps

So all my pregnancy books say that during your first trimester, you have no energy. I don't know if this is just power of suggestion for me, but I'm certainly finding it to be true. On days when I don't have to work, I average about two naps. Today I only had one, but I also had a lot of collapsing in front of the television.

By the way, we've been watching Planet Earth, which we bought for the kids because we're really great parents that way. And we'll enjoy it in the meantime.

What else did we buy for the baby? Well, so far, we've bought this:

(a mobile for over the crib---this was Murray's gift to me for Mother's Day along with some maternity jeans)

(Murray is an artist as you all know, but you have to know that he's also passionate about other artists and art history. So we couldn't resist buying these books...)

(You've already seen Leland the Lion. We actually bought him before we knew that we were expecting a baby.)

(These are two rattles. Daltongirl is going to knit me lots more.)

(We didn't buy this, but an investigator from my mission gave it to me. We'll hang it up as room decor until the little one is big enough to fit it.)

(I couldn't resist this rolling toy from Ikea. It opens its mouth as you pull it along.)

(And finally, this is more for me and Murray. It's a print of Brian Kershisnik's The Nativity, which we saw on our second date. We don't want a completely secular home, but we're also pretty picky about art. We want the art in our home to reflect our tastes and our values. This piece has sentimental value, and is also really visually appealing to us. Yay!)


C. said...

Love those baby books! I'm pretty picky about what I want my kids to read, and those look awesome! Hooray for art!

girl with freckles said...

I love that painting. She's breastfeeding! Besides the whole visually appealing bit.

Hannah said...

I love that nativity piece! I swear I have seen it before. Was it at the MOA for the Christ exhibit?

Love all your toys.

ambrosia ananas said...

Planet Earth is awesome. Your child will definitely appreciate it.

Nemesis said...

That is SO cool that you got that painting! I mean, it's too bad it couldn't be the same size as the original, but I understand why you chose to go with a smaller print. ;-)

AzĂșcar said...

Isn’t it crazy how tired you get? You are physically incapable of not falling asleep. That’s how I knew I was pregnant for the second time; it was 10pm and I was passing out completely. I usually push myself to the edge (it’s fun over here) but when you are pregnant your body just takes over and forces you to comply. You’re tired like this at the end as well (Other Half would get so embarassed by me falling asleep in Sunday school.)