In case you don't know.

By about the sixth grade, people were teasing me about my leg hair. Not that it was worse than your average sixth-grader's leg hair, but all the other sixth-graders were allowed to shave their legs. I had to wait till junior high. It didn't help that one of the worse teasers was El Senor. He even pointed out a couple of "two-inchers" one day. After that, I took a pair of scissors to my legs and tried to shear them without actually breaking my mother's no-shaving rule. It really didn't help much. And I couldn't disobey my mother, because who else would actually teach me how to shave my legs? It's not like I could just do it without a tutorial.

Near the end of the summer, though, I'd had it and I was definitely ready to defy my mother and shave my legs. I couldn't wait another month. And my mom was out of town for a week anyway. So when I was at a friend's house, I asked her how to shave legs. She just handed me a pink lady Bic and told me how. So, sitting on her bed, I shaved my legs for the first time.

Because I didn't mention water, soap, or shaving cream, you're probably cringing right now. And rightly so. I couldn't believe that that sort of pain and discomfort was what women had to go through to look beautiful. My legs turned a bright shade of red and were on fire for hours. And yet, I was still oddly a little proud of my graduation into womanhood.

I've come a long way in the leg shaving department, and what surprises me is that there are still women out there who are using disposable lady Bics to shave their legs! Switchback was one of these women until she came to stay with us for a few days in March. Because I've gone to Switchback's apartment in San Diego for two years running to play on the beach and go to Mexico, and during those minivacations I've used her shower, I couldn't help but notice the lady Bics scattered all over the tub. This didn't make much sense to me at all. How could a grown woman who lived in a beach town and went to the beach on an almost-daily basis not know that there was something better out there?

I believe that it was Nemesis who first introduced me to that Something Better, back in 2000. She announced to all the women at work that if you weren't yet using a Venus razor, you had never truly experienced a proper leg shaving. That, and you'd never go back. And she was absolutely right. To make matters better, Venus keeps improving their razor, so today, they offer a five-blade razor. Venus's five-blade razor is up on my list of life's necessities along with true love and chocolate.

When Switchback visited in March, I lent her my Venus razor just to try it out. She emerged from the bathroom and made a spontaneous testimonial about the whole new shaving experience she enjoyed. (Later, the Easter Bunny brought Switchback her very own Venus razor.)

For all you women who are still using lady Bics, I urge, implore, beg you to go out and buy yourself a Venus razor. It's worth every penny.

This post was not sponsored by Gillette. But I wish it were.


Hannah said...

I use those too. Love them.

Brinestone said...

Yup, that's what I use. I also have a $1 off coupon for one that I got in the mail. You can have it if you don't have a Venus razor yet and want one. Since I have one, I have no need for the coupon.

Emily said...

I have owned three Venus razors. I had the teal one, when the teal ones first came out. And then I bought a pink one, because I reallyreally wanted the free "travel case" that a bunch of the pink ones came with for awhile. And I used my pink one for a long time, until it started to look like I'd had it for a long long time, and I finally got the blue and green one a few months ago.

Actually, I don't think I paid for either of the first two. The used to have Sunday paper coupons for free ones. Because the refill cartridges are kind of spendy, so they wanted to get people hooked.

It worked.

I love mine.

Jordan said...

I'm a believer, too.

Nemesis said...

I think it was Sakhmet who first got me hooked onto them. With an email that went something like, "Sisters, I would be the worst girlfriend in the world if I did not tell you to RUN to your nearest drugstore and get the new Venus razor."

She was right. And as soon as I get through my Costco pack of blades I am SO getting that 5-bladed one. Because that is too awesome for words.

Amber said...

On my honeymoon I left my razor where we stayed only the second night, still a week to go. So I borrowed my husband's since we were on a Cruise ship and they only sold those leg hashing disposables (back in the day when he was too smitten to care) and couldn't believe how amazing it was. So I used men's razors from then on until last summer when I too was taken by a Costco coupon and purchased my own Venus. Since then, my husband hasn't had to share.

AmandaStretch said...

Agreed! Love the Venus! I forgot mine when I went to Florida in March, just after I'd had an extremely unfortunate/scarring experience with Nair, so all I had were the the leg hashing disposables. It was a long, painful weekend, and my legs still haven't quite forgiven me.

I'm also discovering the joy of using an epilator. I'm still trying to get the hang of it, but I'm loving the results so far.

The Divine Miss A said...

Never tried Venus. I've been a pink bic girl most of my life, but I might just have to trust all of the testimonials.

Kristeee said...

Agreed. Although - have you ever tried epilating? Yes, the first time hurts. I recommend doing it in phases. But the hair stays away for weeks on end, and the touch-ups are hardly painful at all. And you don't have to deal with being able to see the stubble underneath the skin (for those of us with dark, thick hair).

Cicada said...

Yes, I do also love my epilator. But I typically only use it when summer is in full swing.

hairofgold said...

I can attest to the wonder of this razor. It has changed my shaving life forever