Happy May Run!

This weekend, back in my homeland of Timmins, this is the May Run weekend. It's not May Run in many other places, really. It's very distinct to Timmins. Most of the rest of Canada celebrates this holiday as Victoria Day weekend. But to Timmins and to me, it will always be May Run.

Or, if you will, it is also sometimes referred to as May Two-Four. What does two-four refer to? Why, that's a 24-case of beer, of course. And what does beer have to do with Victoria Day weekend? If you're in Timmins, the answer is everything.

May Run is the weekend where you go out and camp in the bush (forest) with your friends and get drunk. Teen pregnancy and drunk driving accidents skyrocket during this weekend.

Back when I was in high school, I was chosen along with a classmate to write and present a skit about teen pregnancy and spend a day presenting it from classroom to classroom. It was moving, I'm telling you. I awkwardly sat beside this pimply boy and told him that I was pregnant. When he said, "But I thought you said you were on the pill," I said, "I only told you that because I thought you wouldn't want me otherwise." Then I broke down crying. I'm sure that we convinced pretty much everyone not to have sex that weekend. That's how good we were.

In fact, it was all pretty much like this scene from Freaks and Geeks. Please watch it, and remember: drink responsibly, don't drink and drive, and don't have unprotected sex.


Nemesis said...

I may never stop laughing. Both at the Freaks & Geeks clip but also at the idea of you and that skit.

Murray Terreno di Amore said...

If your high school gave out the equivalent of the Academy Award for Best Actress, then you would have that in the bag for sure.

I can appreciate anybody that can pull of a good fake cry.

hairofgold said...

But if you want to have unprotected sex, get an STD, then you should call me. Too bad I wasn't there to see the presentation, my life would've been totally different.

Jon Boy said...

Oh, man. You have no idea how much I wish there were a video clip of your skit.

Shop Girl* said...

Oh May Run.

Southern folk just don't understand. *sigh*