I really do apologize for my extended absence from blogging. On the fourth, I was at Murray's parents' home and they said that they don't see as much of Murray anymore, but they don't mind because they know he's in good hands. I hope that you, my blog readership, will have as much understanding.
I obviously can't recap everything that has happened over the past few weeks, but allow me at least to post a few pictures that were meant to be separate blog entries. Here's the condensed version.

Barking Bird

I heard this barking sort of bird in the bushes. I was convinced that this time, I could find it. I had failed previously, but assumed it to be a pheasant. This time, when I was trying to find the bird, I found a muddy trail leading to the river, bringing me closer to the bird. I followed that muddy trail all the way down into the Jordan River. My splash scared away the bird. Then I biked home muddy and soaking wet. I apologize for the picture. I usually post only unusually attractive pictures of me to the blog. But now that my blogging wiles have firmly secured me Murray, I can post whatever picture I want.

Murray's First Boggle

Murray played Boggle for the first time with me and The Boy. After the first round, he had four words. He really is so sweet and cute. And I have to remind him that he'll kick my butt at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. After a few rounds, The Boy had 31 points. I had 20-something. Murray had 2 and a picture of a rocket ship. At least Murray learned the very most important lesson of Boggle: If someone starts snickering, look for the dirty word on the board. His mother would be pleased to know that he wasn't very good at that either.

Sundance on the Fourth

On the Fourth of July we went to Sundance with Murray's family and rode the ski lift. My favorite part was when money started fluttering out of Murray's pocket. At least there were no twenties among the bills that got away.

And now, a pledge to be a better blogger.


daltongirl said...

So let me get this straight: we're supposed to not mind that you're not blogging because Murray's in good hands?


Abbie Rufener said...

Thank goodness. I was starting to think you went AWOL. Sundance looked like so much fun! What did you do once you got to the top?

Cicada said...

DG: I was going to say something about not being able to use my hands for blogging because my hands were busy being good to Murray, but there was no way I could possibly say it and make it sound clean.

Abbie: We just went back down to the bottom.

spart said...

YAY! Welcome back Cicada!

I was beginning to worry that you were becoming as bad a blogger as I am. I'm glad to hear your hands are not idle, but otherwise pleasantly engaged (meant in the cleanest way possible).

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, you're both so cute I could die. DIE!!!

The quacking bird was really a rapist who lures beautiful, unsuspecting women down to the water's edge. Remember to bring your mace!

I was thinking last night (while I was walking the bike trails, incidentally) how much I love your meeting story. It's so fabulous--I hope I have a good meeting story one day. But with my luck it will be like, "How did you meet?" "Our mothers introduced us."

The Holyoaks said...

"We just went back down to the bottom." You are funny.

I, too, was thinking naughty things when you mentioned Murray was in good hands but it looks like you beat me to the punch.

Rachel L. said...

When are you going to bring Murray over for a game night?! I'd love to play Boggle with him, especially since it looks like odds are good I could finally beat somebody at something. ;) ;) ;) Ah well, what he lacks in Boggle ability he makes up for with mad drawing skillz and dashing good looks.

natali said...

i love boggle. i want to go to the library and play.