Let's be honest.

A conversation with my mother:

Mom: hmm.
it looks kind of goth to me.
is it darker in the photo?
me: You're so mean.
My other friends say it looks fantastic.
Mom: it almost looks like it's done in chunks
me: You're the MEANEST!
Mom: like there's some light brown AND dark brown
me: I think that's the way the light is hitting it.
Mom: I'm NOT being mean - I'm saying it looks kind of highlighty
did you do highlights?
take another picture
me: I didn't do highlights.
Mom: have you sent the photo to yourself?
it looks black on my monitor
not brown
so maybe its my monitor or the photo?
9:58 AM me: I think it's maybe part of the fact that I'm taking indoor pictures.
And I think it'll fade a little more.
9:59 AM Mom: have you looked at it?
the photo?
me: yes
Mom: does it look black to you?
me: yes
Mom: so I'm not mean at all....
just honest
and you are a beautiful girl, and it looks beautiful

Mom: just goth
me: haha
Did you get the new pictures?
Mom: no
me: check
10:01 AM Mom: well, obviously the first one belongs at least on your blog
and without being able to see it in person I'm not wild about it
10:02 AM me: okay
Mom: doesn't mean that it's not attractive
but the pictures make it look uneven and BLACK
and they still do
the hair cut, is perfectly cute


Murray made this for me:


natali said...

did you do the hair color yourself?

Cicada said...

Yep. It cost me three bucks.

alishka babushka said...

i think it's adorable.

TĂȘtue said...

I LOVE your hair!!!!

Rachel C. said...

My Boyf thinks goth can be hot...every once in a while.

If he ever gets around to marrying me, I know how to please him. *smirk*

You look fabulous, as always.

The Holyoaks said...

that's what my hair looks like right now too! well, the cut is a little different but my hair is actually black. I think you look hot.

C. said...

I like it. However, I do hope that you didn't use Clairol Nice-n-Easy semi-permanent hair color. I've had at least two friends darken their hair using that stuff thinking it would be a fun change only to find out after 23409845873489754345 washes that it was still in their hair. Yikes!

Sakhmet said...

Okay. This is fabulous. And Murray is brilliant. The only thing that would make that "Life is Pain" picture better is if your eyes were icy blue like Marilyn Manson's. THEN, I would request a tee-shirt. Really, I'd like a tee-shirt anyway. Can you do that? Please?

Melyngoch said...

Well. Obviously. Goth is hot. And you're hot and not particularly goth. But you'd be hot goth if you were goth. Also, can I have you on a t-shirt too?

daltongirl said...

So your hair is the same color as my natural color. And now I am considering getting my hair cut just like yours--partly because I want to be more goth, but mostly because you are so dang cute!

ambrosia ananas said...

I like it.

AzĂșcar said...

Tres chic!

Ginsberg said...

Murray's right. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something.

Goth can be good. But that's not Goth.

Patience & Co. said...

I like the hair. I'm partial to self bathroom coloring. And dark is SOOO in this summer.

Th. said...


You look more like your avatar now.

Becca said...

Hey....It's Becca Bird.....Debbie Sell gave me your blog....what's up, I never talk to you. Are you still in SLC? Your hair is really cute, and I am glad I have found your blog.

Miss Hass said...

I think it's hott. (That's with two -t's). Seriously, I'm all about dark hair.

B-rad said...

So I'm beginning to blog again. Cool hair it looks amazing