Hola, Puerto Nuevo!

This morning, I told my mom that Murray and I had been researching Puerto Nuevo on the internet because we're headed there this Saturday. After several minutes of talking about other things, she asked, "Now what were you and Murray researching on the internet?" I said, "Puerto Nuevo. Mexico." Then, relieved, she said, "OOOhhhhhh. I thought you said porno label."

My mom. She doesn't speak the Spanish.

Here is an illustrated version of what Murray and I expect Puerto Nuevo to be like:

(Copyright Bored in Sunday School Productions, Cicada and Murray Inc.)

We're headed out to San Diego on Friday so that we can spend the weekend with Switchback, her softball team, and Kelly Roxanne. And to eat cheap lobster on the beach in Porno Label, Mexico. It'll be some good times for sure.

(Murray's bald photo was replaced with a more accurate version. His place of prominence on my blog represents his place of prominence in my heart.)


Squirrel Boy said...

I bet your mom would be REALLY shocked to see your illustration of porno label.

Murray Terreno di Amore said...

Well this is my first comment on Cicada's blog to prove I am not merely "lurker".....

...which is strange because I just might be her biggest fan....definitely not her LONGEST fan, but quite possibly her BIGGEST.

I also want to say that I added a bit of muscle to the likes of myself in the Puerto Nuevo picture because I want to represent myself realistically for those of you who have not met me in person.

Miss Hass said...

Sounds like a very fun adventure. I'd be happy to give your mom some Spanish lessons to avoid future confusion.

Rachel said...

LUCKY! I'm going to stupid Idaho this weekend. HMPH!

Nemesis said...

I take exception to the picture of the Mexican. Racists.