Proof Positive

Rice google talked me yesterday to tell me that even though I have a boyfriend, that's no excuse to not be blogging. I told her I wasn't blogging because my grandma died. She told me that I already used that excuse.

The trouble is that, well, I feel kindof schmoopy about Murray and in general, I disagree totally with being a schmoopy person. (Nemesis went so far as to call me smug, which I guess I've become without realizing it.) So I don't want to blog schmoop. But I will give you proof positive why Murray and I are MFEO.

Last night, we decided to go to the dinosaur movie at the Imax (I asked him if I could ask the ticket salesperson if the dinosaur movie had actual, live footage). On our way, I said, "If you discovered a dinosaur and could name it, what would you name it?" I wanted him to think of something and then when he told me, I'd say, "Oh yeah? Well I would name mine the Murraysaurus. That's how much I like you." And then he would feel bad.

However, he responded immediately and said, "That's easy. I'd call it the Cicadasaurus."

He stole my freaking joke.

After the movie, we went to Macaroni Grill and I realized that I was going to a restaurant with paper and crayons with an actual artist. I told him that he could draw me a Cicadasaurus. Then he said, "Oh! You're one step ahead of me! I was going to go home and draw you a Cicadasaurus."

So after we were seated, we immediately started drawing our dinosaurs. His Cicadasaurus was wearing white pants and a tuxedo shirt. My Murraysaurus was wearing a blazer and retro glasses.

So yeah. Need I say more?

Since I don't have a digital copy of either of our dinosaurs, I'll let you see a copy of his self portrait, wearing a shirt like El Senor received recently.


The Holyoaks said...

I was with Nemesis in thinking you were slacking on keeping us all entertained. I guess your excuse is good enough.

I also think you have met your match with Murray. And I really wish you would have elaborated as to whether or not you asked the ticket girl that question or not. I, too, am interested to know if there was live footage in the film.

Cicada said...

Jill, it was Rice who said I was slacking. Nemesis called me smug. It's good to have friends who tell you the truth and don't sugar-coat it for you.

And no, I didn't actually ask about the footage. Once I saw the movie, it was just very clear that it was, in fact, live footage, none of this computer graphics crap.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for picking up the slack Cicada. And that picture of El Senor is priceless, good fodder for future blackmailing.


patience said...

Thank heaven for finally blogging. I loved the white pants dance, but come on already. You gotta share the love Cicada! No survival guilt needed.

Squirrel Boy said...

Aw. That really was schmoopy, wasn't it?

Th. said...


But see we like you, so we can handle a little schmoop.

Nemesis said...

You forgot to tell the Internet that I said that even though you are now a Smug Dating Someone, you're still a right-thinking and creative SDS. Which I think is a very encouraging sign.

Abbie Rufener said...

So did your grandma die or was that really an excuse?

Cicada said...

Abbie, the link led to the story about when my grandma actually did die and Rice didn't know and she got mad at me for not posting frequently. So it was just a reference to that.

DP said...

So I was just wondering, was it a [yourrealname]saurus or really "Cicadasaurus"?

AzĂșcar said...


I don't get Azucarasauruses at Macaroni Grill. I get complex quadratic equations and who wants that?!