Practical Ass

Why would I ever continue to go out with a man who called me a practical ass? I guess I can't really help myself.

On Saturday, after a funny event that I have yet to blog about (just waiting on pictures), Murray and I got together for a fun-filled afternoon. First I went to his house and upon inspection, deemed it very clean for a surprise visit.

We were in the predicament of having to find something to do that didn't involve food because I'd just eaten lunch with some ex-companions. Fortunately, I remembered how fond I always was of the Bean Museum, so we took a trip there to look at the liger, the dik diks, and the terrifying lion who was sawn in half mid-jump. This was only our second outing together, but we found lots to talk about. Like clothing choices. I told him that I buy most of my clothes at Target and Old Navy lately. He called me a practical lass. But that sounds like practical ass. I'm just saying.

We had so much to talk about in fact that the Bean Museum simply wasn't enough. We had to find something else to do, so we went to the BYU art museum to see an exhibit that a friend recommended. One of the coolest parts of going to the museum with Murray was the history he was able to give me on the artists. It was like having my own personal tour guide. The last piece we saw was the piece I wanted most to see: The Nativity, by Brian Kershisnik. I really can't say enough about how much I loved it. Which is funny because when I realized that I recognize other paintings he's done, I realized that I've always hated all his other work. But he's sold me on this one. I'd like to buy the original, but I'll settle for a print when one becomes available.

Even after two museums, we weren't really done talking, so Murray suggested we go to Art City Trolley for sodas and an appetizer. There, more talking ensued. A funny thing about spending time with him was realizing that he actually knew a lot about me because he's read a lot of my blog. Like when he mentioned Dirty Jobs (a show on Discovery Channel), I mentioned that he should watch Hazard Pay, because I know the host, Curt Dousett. When I explained that I know him because I dated a guy last year who was in Comedy Sportz, Murray actually already knew. And then he apologized for knowing. Which was endearing.

So even though he called me a practical ass, I decided I wanted to get together with him again. So he came up tonight. I had made him magnets to comemmorate our Saturday together (a liger, a trolley, and a blazer because we were both wearing blazers--like the one pictured to the right). A few days ago, I had sent him some PDFs of designs I did and meant to print out for wall art but hadn't gotten around to doing so. Tonight, he showed up with color printouts of all three of my designs. And then he apologized for not having the time to frame them. Those printouts were so incredibly sweet and thoughtful. So then I gave him his comemmorative magnets, and he seemed to think that what I did was cooler than what he did. I think we might be pretty evenly matched.


Brinestone said...

Awww. He sounds like a swell guy.

Noelle F. said...


The Holyoaks said...

I always figured you for an ass but I guess it never dawned on me you are actually quite practical, too.

Rachel said...

One word: keeper.

We'll have to go out when I get back and you can spill all the deets! Or I have my cell phone with me. Just sayin'...

Does Murray have a friend? Just sayin'...again...

Cicada said...

Jill, isn't it funny that I am an ass but I have no ass? Think about that for a while.


I totally forgot that you're gone. That's good because I almost stopped by your house tonight with a calendar for you, but I forgot it in my office, and then I was debating whether or not I should drive back to the office to get it. Glad I chose the lazy route.

Th. said...


He sounds like a keeper. You, however, I'm not sure of. Not liking Kershisnik.... What's wrong with you!

I hope the Nativity proves to be your gateway drug.

Also, I liked the labor story, but I have a request: if you're going to start blogging regularly again, could you up the number of posts that appear on your homepage? That would be really convenient for big fans but lazy visitors like myself, dearest.