Missing Redras, Part II

Are you still not convinced why I loved living with Redras so much? She's hysterical. Today, I'd like you to read an excerpt from an email she wrote. If she's this funny by email, just imagine how funny she is to have as a roommate.

First you have to know that she asked me about Murray, so I emailed her and joked about the fact that he still could be an internet predator---after going out with him and realizing that he's best described as "sweet," I watched an episode of Law and Order where everyone described the serial killer at "sweet." That doesn't help me to sleep at night.

(Daltongirl met Daltonboy with help from the internet and she reports: "Daltonboy so far has not turned out to be a rapist, serial killer, or predator. Although he did come home half an hour late from work today so I should probably be concerned. His true colors are coming out, and I only had to wait seven years. But those seven years were pretty darn good, so I can't complain.")

Here is Redras's email:

Murray sounds really sweet and funny. Does he live in Provo? How did he find your blog? I just googled "hot mormon chick salt lake" and your blog was not on the first page of search results. So if he IS an internet predator, he is either more creative or more persistent than me. Instead of thinking of him as a "predator", you could think of him as a "pre-dator", or one who "pre-dates", meaning he takes a test drive with someone's blog personality before taking their real personality on a date. Considering how dangerous and chock full of crazies the world is, pre-dating is actually pretty smart. You can add "intelligent" and "cautious" to his list of good qualities.

(I must admit that I am fully aware that now that I've posted "hot mormon chick salt lake" on my blog, my chances of being found by an internet predator have increased.)


Mr. Fob said...

That's how I found your blog.

Noelle F. said...

I'm a gonna try that, too.

My hits have gone way down as of late.

Cicada said...

MF: Are you a predator?

NF: Once I posted "Naked ladies naked ladies naked ladies" again and again as a joke about improving my blog hits. But one of the times I wrote "naked ladies" I accidentally wrote it "naked lades." Consistently for the next several months, I noticed that people who googled "naked lades" were finding my blog. So you might want to try that one.

Abbie Rufener said...

Oh my gosh, you are hilarious. I think you know way more about all this blog stuff than I do.

Noelle F. said...

Thanks for the heads up! :) I am at the point where I'm reading to try anything.

Nah. Just kidding. I'm not THAT hard up for blog hits.


Never mind.

Squirrel Boy said...

You know, "naked lades" could be a typo for either "naked ladies" OR "naked lads." Something to consider.

scienceteachermommy said...

I had two internet pre-dators. They were both better on "paper." At least if they had been stalker/rapists/weirdos they would have had some personality.